Skittleskull or Little John?


Skittleskull or Little John? Based on your experience who would you pick to be on your team?


I would probably use Little John, but neither are very good tbh…


For what use? Gameplay? Titans? Raids?


I don’t have either:

It’s my understanding that Skittleskulls’s issue is his mana speed (slow)…Little John has the same issue. When their specials fire, they each hit “all” enemies, but with different effects.

Do you want Skittle’s “bring down attack” ability (6 turns), or Little John’s “mana drain” (3 turns)? If you’re looking solely at damage, Little John does slightly better, but it’s really your call what you want on the battlefield.

(Compare the DEF+HP of both heroes, too…)


General purpose (all categories)…


In my opinion, Skittles. Overall they’re the same, just lowering attack for six turns is overall more useful.


Only in map. LJ is much better in raids, and arguably better on titans.


Little John can be good on boss fights too slowing mana so… I take him.


I have both - started with Skittleskull, then moved on to LJ.

Skittle better for early / low level map fights.
LJ better for Raids, Titans and tougher Boss Fights (i.e. for late map).

In the latter 3, it’s enemy mana that makes all the difference, and LJ’s ability to slow mana regen of the enemy can be a real life-saver. The tougher map fights are perfectly survivable until you get to the boss, that then fills on mana just about every time you touch them - LJ is great to give you a breather. Always enter the boss battle with LJ already filled and ready to go. If you’re fortunate with the layout you can have him mostly ready again by the time the mana regen debuff is done. This makes a HUGE difference to these tough boss fights - you can actually do decent damage to the boss(es) without endlessly filling them with Mana.

(For Titans the main reason I prefer LJ is that he does a bit more damage. The damage debuff of Skittle doesn’t really make any material difference, so may as well go for the hero that hits harder).

That’s my 2p for what it’s worth.


Great insight! Thank you this was very valuable.


These 2 heroes are the type of heroes I wouldn’t even play with them, but instead stick them around in my defense team, both of them gave me problems especially that Skittleskull, I personally do not use Mana Slow Heroes in Raids.


All well and good if you have the choice.
My choice of Green Hero: Little John; Skittleskull… or some non-levelled 2*.

Not helpful to say “they both suck”.
The question should read: “If you don’t have a choice other than Little John or Skittleskull, then which would you choose… oh unlucky me for only having these 2 to choose from.”


Somebody really likes his Skittleskulls. Slow mana and/or low attack didn’t hold him back from levelling up two of them greenies lol.


I have been using SS on titans - kicking it off with 4X25% mana potions for the 6 turn -34% attack especially on 6 & 7* which can inflict a TON of damage on my team. I don’t have LJ so can’t comment.