Skittleskull or caedmon

At a point where skittleskull and cardamon on both on there second tier lvl 1. One of the players will go on to replace my maxed out beeanne. Question is who is better. I can only level one.from here on since my sh is only lvl 14. Gonna burn some flags and who’ve has the most votes when I get back gets to eat.

I would add a voters poll but I don’t know how. Noob

Who should @Anthony1 continue to feed?

  • Skittleskull
  • Caedmon

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In part it depends on the rest of you team, but it sounds like you have a young team, so I’m going to say Cead, He is a fast buff clearer with a solid hit.


Caed 100%



I have a kiril,tiburtus,Hu tao,scarlet and breanne. Main squad. Currently leveling zimikitha along with the two mentioned very young though. 6 weeks I think

I had skittleskull before I got card and figured card would be better so I fed them both to this point just wanna make the best choice possible

Given that team cead will work best


I have fully ascended every regular 4* hero except skittleskull and Kellie… I had too many reds already or I would have looked at kellie, but I never once thought to fully ascend skittleskull.

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Caed it is then. I also have a sabina I’m trying to level up to replace tiburtus. I REALLY like tiburtus but I have two healers on another profile and it works out really well. THOUGHTS?

Another vote Caedmon!
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I don’t think there will be plural opinions here. Caedmon is a way better as a first 4* green than Skittleskull. He is a fast mana sniper, he is well balanced in attack/health/defense, he debuffs enemy heroes. Comparing to him Skittleskull has only one advantage: high attack stat, but he is fragile and slow. So, Skittleskull can be maxed as a second hero for titan attacks or Alliance wars.

I’d think twice before replacing Tiburtus. He is a foundation hero, because he weakens the opponent’s defense of three heroes. Only take him out of your team if you can replace him with for example Grimm or Gormek, who have the same special.

If you have Caedmon, his special does what Sabina’s does: debuffs. And Caedmon is a nice fast hitter with a very valuable debuff.

At least you have the luxury of choice :wink:

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There are different styles of play, and in part you maybe forced into one style or another based on the heroes you have. If you can field two or three fast snipers, and either heavy DOT hitter or a utility hero and a healer - that is a combo that has worked best for me. But you need those fast snipers to get away with only one healer.

BTW - While Caed and Sabrina’s debuff is the same, there is a critical difference. One is done passively and one does damage. Depending on what line up you are facing, or if you are attacking a titan/boss that can cast reflect depends on who you want to bring. So eventually you will want to level a passive debuffer, but for now it does make more sense to make sure you have a range of specials in your tool box to pull from - so keep Tibs leveling.

Tiburtus is maxed for now due to lack of asension materials. He is also the hardest hotter I got. I just feel I need the other heeler and I’ll always have a heavy hitter in tibs if I need him. I have several 4 stars I’m gonna lvl up and see what works best. One things for sure when they all hit max I’ll have a serious war team

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I have a deep squad their just low lvls as I focusing on my main group.

I went with caed as it was obviously the house choice. He’s not hardly as strong as my breanne but he still works extramly well. Just finished up the last 4 or 5 lvls on province 10 season 2 and he never went down.oving on to province 11 when the energy fills. Thanks to everyone for the positive input and expert advice. I’m starting to really appreciate this form and respect the opinions of MOST of the members here

I would say Caedmon at first, but after testing beta classes i switch for Skittle if things staying like this.

I can spoiler that actually there’s some quest only some classes can do, and Skittle is one of the few regulars of a specific class.

Can’t know for sure though.
It is totally possible many heroes change class and other things may change too.
It’s just an “actual” consideration.

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I will eventually level them both up. But thanks for the input

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