Skipping wanted missions

I am just curious, if you guys usually use gems to skip Wanted missions? The 20 gems to skip 12 hrs seems pretty cheap for a chance at rare ascension item. Are those chests reliable for getting rare items?

The chance of getting rare items from the wanted mission chest is rare. So you could be spending a ton of gems just to get one and it might not be the one you need.

I spend gems on them. The chance on getting a 4 or 5* for 300 saved gems isn’t very good either, so… But I mainly speed them up for more chances at a purple chest, which has better odds for good things. I do get ascension items occasionally from the normal brown chests also, but that is rare.


I try to save every single gem to get more chance on summons, so i never use them that way and i don’t think it’s a good deal.

Do you feel like it actually gets you more Rare chests?

Did it ever worked, that after skipping you got a purple chest?
The 4 times I got the purple one, wasn’t after skipping, it was always after the waiting period expired without skipping.

And I think, that after each skipping, the content of the chest was getting worse.

The elemental rare chest are random. The more mission chest you speed through the greater the odds of a elemental chest appearing. I average about 1 per 6 weeks, but there are people in my alliance that get them every 2 weeks (lucky bastards). It could be because they skip alot of more mission chests so get more chances than I do. But since I don’t spend any money I don’t have very many gems to use for speeding.


Yes, I guess it works. I get them sometimes after skipping and sometimes after waiting. I think it is just more chances.
I don’t spend money either, but since the chests give diamonds also, I always have diamonds to speed them up. I rarely get to the 300 gems for a summon though, last time was with the update, I got a lot of gems then. So the only thing I spend gems on, is speeding them up, and an occasional summon.
You can’t keep speeding them up though, after a few skips, there is a cool down period for the next skip. I have still no clue when, but I know it will happen if I do a few skips fast after eachother.
I try to do 3 monster chests a day and 2 hero chests.

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Yes, that seems to be right. When I started the game, I skipped all day long and in the first 2 weeks I had 2 purple chest. Sadly I spend the gems from this time on for the elemental summon. I will try it again :slight_smile:

I always skip them, the max 3 you can do per day. Monsters, not heroes wanted. It is great value. You get a lot of nice stuff from the chest for very little gems.

Skipping can give you rare wanted mission, has happened to me a few times. And I get a rare mission atleast once per two weeks so I think skipping does actually speed up that too.


Only when I have to cut a corner to ensure that I get 2 chests a day (and not in the middle of the night when I’m asleep).

Mh, never thought about that.

Awesome guys. That is helpful! I been skipping since last couple of weeks and I do feel like its a great deal for the gems that they are charging.

We should delete this thread before they raise the amount!


Looks like you cant keep on skipping. Does anyone know what the limits are?

I’m pretty sure, that all chests are counting together. So if you finished the hero chest and the monster chest, you can skip 3 or 4 times (depends on how fast you are). It doesn’t matter, wich of them you’re skipping.

When the pop-up appears, I would wait the regular time, because you can skip again 3 or 4 times.
If you just wait the time from the pop-up, you have to wait every time you skipped, longer and longer.

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All skips are on same timer. So if you have one skip charge and skip heroes wanted, you can’t skip raid until you get a new chareg. Seems to be 3 per day you can skip. Yes, if you have a little left on timer, better to wait than skip.


Here is a small chart of when wanted mission skip cost decreases are for <10 gems:
5:40- 9
2:41 -4
0:53- 1

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For those interested, here are the details on skipping chests for Wanted Missions:

Fandom Wiki: Wanted Missions

In my understanding from discussions with other players, the skipping usually occurs in the final few hours so that it only costs a few gems, but makes knocking out a 2nd, or 3rd chest in one day possible.

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