Skipping Pirates, holding out for Avalon/Wonderland

So I’ve made the agonising decision to hold my challenge coins for Avalon or Wonderland because I can’t bear the thought of being lucky and finally pulling… Sargasso

At least with Avalon if I get into the lucky 5* bracket I’d be happy with any hero in that tier

Wondy sorta the same.

Thoughts? Too conservative? It’s only Sargasso and Kestrel that I want to avoid really

Finley is obviously amazing


Do you really like the Voodoo Queen? I have both alby and MN and find her to be rather… meh? The only three 5* that I would be happy to have are Finley, Kestrel and Lady Locke… The others can starve.

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If you have Alby and MN then I’ll take a bow lol.

She’s not fantastic must have material but I’d fancy her on my hard quest auto farm team

Ps I always thought she was fast. Just realised she’s average. Hmmm still like her but not as much. MLF ftw

I am also skipping Pirates, but will holdout for Grimforest or Wonderland, as I have zero heroes from those two events. At least I’ll be happy possibly walking away with something like Hansel/Gretel/Cheshire Cat. On Pirates, Peters is still inferior to Hansel; and Boomer is… well… not useful for much.

I would love Lady Locke as a 5* cleanser with DoT. I’m not terribly impressed enough to chase her with such low odds. The other Pirates I could use, but also can live without.


MLF may be fast, but she is a selfish hero where Lady Locke is a team player (cleanse to all). On def, MLF may shine brighter, but on atk AND titans, Lady Locke is much better.


If she was fast I think I’d agree. Whenever I see average speed coupled with stats like hers I just see a dead hero with special left uncast - pessimistic but it happens so much!

Not interested in teltoc? - I am thinking the dream of panther with the reality of friar tuck might beat out my desire to wait until Avalon…


IMO, Teltoc isn’t getting an upgrade because the heroes that are already available can’t be compared. Gazelle and Chameleon seem to be a luxury more than anything else. Panther is still the champion of Teltoc if you ask me.


Yeah I need panther and jackal so it’s the biggest target for me (have frida, eve and falcon)


When should we expect next Teltoc, do we know that?

I meant to save up for that one and November Atlantis but apparently lack all self control. A couple of Kingston’s joined but no pirates… oy. So no pulls until Teltoc, I too enjoy being disappointed there more than anywhere else.