Skip watching auto attack

In my opinion, a certain threshold for this ability is a must. Completing the map is one, a certain level is another. Third is the one I suggested, a certain Team Power number vs. difficulty of the monsters.

I think Team Power vs. monster difficulty is the best, because it is what really counts. You absolutely cannot fail, if you have high enough TP, regardless of advance in map or your level. Small Giant has already a way to calculate this, because you do have recommendations of TP level in Quests.

I think it would be great with a threshold, but also without. I can’t really see what here is to be hesitant about. The auto play is already there for everyone, no matter strength or level. A feature that just enabled you to speed up the game or even skip watching it altogether shouldn’t change much as gameplay is considered, at least I can’t see how it would. I’m not suggesting it would be an automatic victory, it should be the same odds at winning as if you sit an watch the damned thing.

The reason I like the threshold thing is actually that it would give players something to strive for. It could give a meaning to clearing the map or reaching a certain level (or certain team power of course).

Another suggestion is that you could use the feature on provinces a certain distance beneath how long you’ve progressed on the map. So if you have cleared province 15 you can autoplay province 5 and below.


Any one who is mentioning immediate auto skip has played this game for a considerable time (I’m assuming) and the “honeymoon” stage of the game is long gone. The cost of skipping should be the cost of the level and devs and either increase the cost of refills or increase the time of World Refills ever so slightly. I would be more inclined to waste more of my hard earned money buying refills :slight_smile: but that’s my 2cent

I’m actually growing to like the orginal idea more: played a bit of Lords Mobile and the autoskip for repeating levels which you’d won convincingly (full stars) was a nice feature.

I don’t think there needs to be any cost penalty for doing so, it’s simply a solid method of reducing some of the time sink which might actually create a more approachable casual game than what we have today which is something of a slog in certain respects (this is one of them) and mandates a non-trivial period of time even on autoplay.

I’m not entirely certain what form it should take though it could be as simple as if you can autoplay the round with 5 heroes left standing at the end, you can autoskip it flags -> loot screen. Not sure that’s feasible given that the game likely doesn’t track autoplay but something similar where you clearly overpower the content should be sufficient to grant the ability to skip the autoplay part which does tend to be a time suck when playing a map 10x or whatever.


I would think they wpuld tie team power to the level
Like they do with quests only it would have to be higher numbers relative to the level

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Skip autoplay is a feature that is being considered, but not worked on currently. :grinning:
It’s mentioned in this thread: Shortlist of Frequent Requests (Ruled Out & Considering - Please Read Before Posting!)


Would they consider a raid option versus a full out battle? When I say raid I’m thinking a sneak attack where you pick 3 or 4 hero’s to go in and steal the loot. It may be complicated but something I thought would be cool. More of a “Bandit” situation.

I’d be happy with just bein able to lock my phone during autoplay. Like if I’m busy doin stuff around the house, hit autoplay, lock phone, put it in my pocket and check it in a few minutes to start it again or move to new stage. Or just have an auto repeat button that automatically the same stage until out of flags or a resource storage is full


I use auto play when I don’t want to watch, another words I put on autoplay and then put my phone down for something else. I don’t know why anyone would want to watch. I do get the point about battery usage that part is a pain. I gotta admit though, I leave my game running all the time. I get raided less.

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now, auto repeat would be lovely!!

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They just need to implement something like Lords Mobile; not sure how it would translate to this game (there if you beat the level with all heroes alive you can just state how many runs you want to make, hit go, and then collect the loot from the runs… that easy).

Burning through 30+ flags is time consuming even on autoplay: sure I’m doing something else (like writing on this forum) while autoplay is doing it’s thing; however, I should be able to sort that out in 60 seconds and be done with it when it comes to something in game which frankly is a chore.


Id love a skip of auto but if this can’t be done, At least, IMPROVE the AI! Sorry but its a little dumb! I always press manual when it comes to a crucial fight! So annoying!! :joy::joy::joy:


Tee hee yeah…
Ever since I once lost in 20.4 on autoplay, with rigard on my team (!), I cannot forget the immortal words:

“The auto battle AI isn’t intelligent at all”

(Source: @Coppersky 's Compendium)


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Anyone who’s watched a nice matched line go through an empty space when swapping the same key tile in the opposite direction would would have killed the last target knows that for sure.


I have to say auto play does not make the best choices. I feel I do better without it. I may use it occasionally on farming if I want to ignore it and do something else and I know I will beat the level easily.

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OR, at the very least, how about let the system vibrate when the level is done so you don’t have to turn around and look at 100,000 times to make sure you hit the replay button again. Or forget about it and it goes to sleep, worst yet, the app closes on the background. In combination to said feature, how about a single click “Farm” “Auto Play”. Hit it once and off it goes to do its auto play…

PS. I’ve already forked out plenty of $$$ and have gotten my money’s worth in “most” cases. But I’ll be gone the moment you also charge for these features or tiered accounts, etc…That’s just me though…


Now we have VIP option. Maybe VIP players can auto win levels based on arena rank? For example a platinum player can instantly win any level between stage 1 - stage 9?

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I don’t think that would be a good cutoff point based on my experience. I’m currently holding my own in the mid to upper gold range, and the last Fire elemental chest I got showed that I could farm 20-4 to fill it, with just one character death in all the fights combined. Stage 9 seems a bit low a limiting bound.

I just don’t see why it has to be played out. It can easily calculate the result in an instant. There doesn’t have to be a cutoff point or anything. Just let me press “calculate result” instead of “autoplay”. Are they mining bitcoins or something while the game plays out? Like I’ve mentioned in the original post, even watching an add is both quicker and gives me more joy than seeing my team go through 8.7 at a leisure pace over and over.

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I don’t think that cutoff quite makes sense, but that’s not a bad idea at all using the raid tiers for such things.

Personally I think it should be:

Gold = 3 flag skips
Platinum = 4 flag skips
Diamond = 5 flag skips

That covers up through 17-1; might be worth making one more like Gold = 4 and Diamond = 6 which takes us up to 20-4 which is the last of the rounds which there’s basically no danger of dying on autoattack on anyway if you have enough hero development to consistently be in Diamond these days (5 x 80 targets are all over 2400+ cups now).


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