Skip watching auto attack


I’d really enjoy the game a lot more if I didn’t had to watch the auto attack. I want to raid players and do rare quest but most of my time (and battery) is spent on watching my troops attack province 8-7 over and over. This is utterly boring and the main reason I stopped playing the game for a while. I’ve started again after update 1.4 but am now starting to feel the grind once again effectively killing all the joy out of the game. And yes, before your ask, I would be ready to pay for the convenience.

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Edit: It was probably wrong of me to add that I would pay for the service. I meant if it was part of a premium account thing then I might be interested. Like a +1 builder package or something. I dont think it’s a good idea to make us pay for being able to auto attack without watching the fight. It should just be implemented. It can’t be good to have this giant boredom wall in the game.


I would LOVE to see this implemented, if possible. :relaxed:


That’s a truly great idea.

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Definitely supporting this idea!

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Great! Now devs just need to implement it.

Everybody please [like] the original post! :relaxed:


I agree with this 100%. Farming 8-7 is such a boring process of this game.

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What an amazing idea, this is a must have feature!

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Maybe @Petri has some input? To me this feature would give me much more joy and focus to the game than putting in more heroes or other features. I can’t see that it changes the power balance at all either even if it is only available to paying players. I would rather it was available for all ofc or as a reward for finishing map or something but I respect that devs gotta eat too. I would also think it is relatively easy to implement. Even just speeding up the auto attack would be great.

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It changes things for lower-level players attacking higher-level spots on the map: if they use an auto fast forward, they will not be able to see the action going against them, or stop to add health potions.

I love this idea. I WANT this idea. But it will need to come with a warning label for those new to the action. :wink:


■■■■ I’m tired of watching the game play same fight over and over.

I guess this might be a dumb question but why watch?

When farming 8-7, I simply start the stage, hit auto, put the phone down for a few minutes while I do something else and then come back to click replay on the loot screen and do it all over again.


That’s my TV time :grin:


Yes of course I do that when suitable. But it’s a really weird way to enjoy a game. That is how you presumably “watch” the ad once a day.

I’m level 26 and have about 30 energy. Every attack costs 3 so that’s 10 attacks. An attack takes around 1-2 min. So it’s a minimum of 10-20 min of “looking at something else” as long as I time it every time I want to use up my energy.

It’s weird, people would probably go crazy if the devs places 20 min of ads in the game but they are happy reloading the same battle and look away over and away.

The ad in the game is 20 seconds once a day. I would much rather have the 20 sec ad every time I hit auto play.

Sure it’s almost bearable when doing something like watching tv at the same time but I usually want to play while on a lunch break or when I take the bus. I can’t be at work restarting a battle every 10 min.



Oh I’m a cubicle scrub: I absolutely can just turn the sound off, put the phone face down on my desk, and let it do it’s thing every couple of minutes haha. In that regard it’s way more work friendly than most phone games.

As for watching it, I can see that as I’ve done that… besides I’m just normally amused by just how badly it plays :). I know it’s entirely intentional on the developer’s part but it’s still entertaining none-the-less.


Oh, I have the sound completely off; I’m strange that way. :wink:

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I have done this a swell. Work time and farm time in parallel. :grin:

My phone REALLY heats up when playing this game. Sometimes even reboots. So I really hate to use phone to go through that boring autoplay animation.

Super Cell has already implemented perfect solution for this, there is a DESTROY button when attacking an NPC island in Boom Beach. Takes just a second and you get the loot.

There could be a certain threshold of Team Power vs. difficulty of the monsters. Say, like if your Team Power is over 2000, you can DESTROY map levels up to 9 or so. And DESTROY Quests first level. If TP is over 3000 (like mine), you can DESTROY say 17-1 but not above and Quests all but the last one.

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I think that getting an absolute battle skip would hurt the new player's feeling of investment in the game. Understand that by design this game isn't an autoclicker. While I understand that the game gets repetetive (and can be phone resources consuming as well) I'd rather see something like a 2x (or 3/4/5x) faster game speed in auto mode (via slider ?). Majority of time we're "forced" to simply watch long animations of either puzzles being matched or skills being used. Getting that accelerated would improve my personal comfort of playing while being at work (or being lazy while farming)

Well, an 5x time acceleration would definitively do wonders but I don’t agree though that an instant result would take away the new players feeling of investing.

You invest time, effort and maybe money to build up a team and in the beginning you don’t have the team necessary to use auto attack. You are also focused with progressing on the map. When you have a team strong enough to use auto play and also have reason to start grinding the same map for recruits you are, at least i my opinion, beyond being a new player and also not in risk of thinking of the game as an auto clicker.

In any way. Either through some auto win feature or just sped up time, to me any improvement that gives me the possibility to spend my time in the game with actually playing it instead of watching the same motions is a good one.