Skip Titan option / Let leaders prevent members from attacking the titan

I wish we had a skip Titan button.

When we have Titan clock with 11 hour left but not half is killed, we know we won’t make it so us, leader have the very hard job to messages every so often the members to hold their hits for next Titan and most of the time, a lot loose precious hits. Even with the message board, not everyone read them so with a skip Titan option, a leader would just hit the button and the Titan wouldn’t be available to be hit no more. Clock will still run its time but no more asles to messages every hours or so.

Also a number beside each players for how many hits and harpoon has been used by them would be great. As a top 100 alliance we demand 5-6 hits per Titan. Or putting a number. Or leader settle alliance requirement with number of hits and when a player reach that number, a green light lighted up beside his name. Something like that would be awesome. :slight_smile:

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