Skip the Limit Breakers, before it's too late

Limit breaker or not - we need more food!
Limit breakers need even more food. So please introduce more farms!

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I wouldn’t panic too much over it. Maybe we’ll be able to get those limit breaker items for alkashards. Just like them emblems

Dansing… I couldn’t agree more. If people hated the game soooooo much, why are they staying around and spamming up the messaging boards?
Cause they know it’s a good game, they’ve invested in, they’re in the “upper crust” and they don’t anything to change that could upset that.
This is no different than any politics. One side thinks the majority thinks exactly like them, when in reality the vast majority don’t care.
I spend about $50 a month on the game. It’s entertainment.
I am also excited about this change cause I like the idea of being able to take out stronger players.

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Um…because we love the game and don’t want this negative feature to bring us back to the early days of emblems?

What? The whales don’t care about this…in fact they probably like it. It will widen the advantage/gap that they have over us peons. This won’t change “who” is on top. It will make the rest of us struggle a bit though.


All I know is this: I’m about to be saving even more money. Zynga has finally persuaded me to close my wallet.


Do they really read these views opinions suggestions ? I dont think so and this is purply money minded game coz of this reason only i turned completely into F2P no matter what suggestions u put here they wont listen BS :-1:t2:

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headbutts @Vengeance miss U :kissing_heart:


These games are to relax, not to time waste by playing 24x7. As I’m playing almost from last 4 years.

All questions are likes this,

If they bring new hero’s —> what is use of old hero’s(s1 or s2) , we have already maxed them.

They bought emblems, few months enjoyed, again barking on new season hero’s, they bought costumes.

Enjoyed few months and maxed them again same. What is use S1 hero’s by comparing S4 hero’s. Now they bought limitless.

Those who already maxed 30 legendary hero’s. They will utilise that facility, medium players , not top 1000 players.

Remaining 1.5 million players will enjoy.

Game is just to relax, not to see end of the game.

Community is good here. We will enjoy with 5-10% update every year.

New players should join and old players should continue. If they do so like what you said . No nee player join in this game.

I find it hilarious that I’ve repeatedly asked what about the LB you like and you keep avoiding the question. I’ve stated numerous times in several threads why I think the LM will unbalance the game. You don’t like the opinions being given on a message board designed to garner opinions … okay. You like new things, which in itself is of course enough reason to like them. But is that it? They are new? You also doubt that they are unpopular. I’m sorry you live in a fish bowl and can’t believe that. Who are you talking too? Is your alliance excited about them? Your friends? What Line or Discord chats are excited about them? Any? I’m still waiting on someone to tell me why they like them. I guess people hate complainers, like new things. But on the actual merits of the feature: what do you guys like about them?

What I dislike and fear:

No more tank diversity in raids. Because we won’t be able to use our secondary tanks like Sif or Heimdall because first LB will first go to war defense.

LB from my understanding are not transferrable. I’m a veteran player so this won’t effect me so much. I know who I like and use. But what about new players? Will they waste LB on 2,3,4 while they are building mats and pulling for 5 stars? Or for that matter, what about when heroes become less useful. Example Grazul. She’s great, I use her a lot, but I have Garnet, will pull in Halloween for Wanda and will pull for Emilio. I can envision her not being so needed. So should I waste LB on her? Will I regret it?

Will the LB fall frequently or be rare?

Will they be easy to purchase?

These are my questions and once it goes live, I know. I could be completely wrong, I could love them. I want to love them. So far no one has offered any good reason to be optimistic. Please enlighten me.

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@Monserrat : I was on a vacation so chose to do other things instead of replying to you. But seems you really want it, so here is why I like new introductions to the game, LBs being one of them.

Since I reached 4200 TP (8 months back) I have regularly faced defence teams with 20-emblemed 5* heroes, War teams for sure & most of the raid defences. Today my defence is 4550 TP. These last 8 months plays has been TOUGH, same as you & many claim on the forum, to be scared / pained by LBs going to make life difficult.
I played & had absolute FUN using many different team / hero combos which I didn’t use earlier…

How are LBs any different from emblems, when you see it from a player who doesn’t have them, as I am even today embleming my heroes strategically & very few above +10 emblem nodes. I didn’t complain about emblem power rampant out there
hence don’t complain about LBs, which have yet to start & will take a good amount of time to develop into teams…

Practical aspects of life / game are different from theories being spread. The 80% against figure had me Lmao :grinning:

Finally, LBs are just another innovative introduction to see how meta plays out, instead of ONLY focussing on LB will create POWER imbalance & a hyper level hatred for P2P players getting some kind of imaginary advantage…

All those spender youtuber videos clearly show, they still struggle to win & regularly innovate more than just paid purchase dependency to WIN in the game…

So despite all this noise about LBs, why has SG team overlooked it all, bcoz of above points… They know things better than you, me & players…



Think they are vastly different emblems. Which is all I’ll say, you laid out your arguments why you like them. Didn’t change my mind but appreciate the debate.

I was wondering with the limit breakers and emblems. Since some talents increase a stat by a certain percentage would that mean I would need to limit break my heroes first before I emblem them for maximum benefit, or is the end product the same regardless of what you do first?

If it’s the former than this is more of a steaming-hot mess than I thought before. It would mean that if I want to raise my top heroes to their max potential, I would have to reset them, limit break them, then add the emblems back on.

Please confirm, if possible?

@Jasoya from the very bottom of this post - the emblem bonuses apply on top of the limit broken stats. So it doesn’t matter, you should not need to reset and re-emblem your heroes after limit breaking them. In effect, the hero will still get the benefits of the emblems.

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Does SG listen anyways tho? That’s a good question.

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And a very simple answer:
NO, NO, NO and NO!

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They listen… but… just listen… nothing else…


Aethers has been going for 2 months now been lucky to get some level 1 from rewards, levelled a 3 star green, surprised you can’t buy them from the shop or have I missed that. Thought this was the next big cash cow.

You probably need to wait 12 to 18 months before Aethers become available to buy in the shop or via special offers.
It will probably follow the same timeline as Emblems

@JGE May I ask how you figured 12 to 18 months? I think that is an overly optimistic guess.

@SamMe …My best guess is that SG will go roughly the same way with Aethers as they did with emblems.
Start off with them being available in low numbers through events and rare loot and then move to “purchase” them in small numbers and then increase the drop rate. Possibly significantly. Because by then there will be something “new” in the game that increases your hero power/stats etc.
And finally a reset token “in short supply” of course.
I bet you a pound to a penny that this will be in the SG “finance” planning to increase their revenue. It would make perfect business sense to me …


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