Skip the Limit Breakers, before it's too late

It’s called spam/flood in this case :slight_smile:

This feature will be the cement for stale metas, since you have to hard dedicate to whatever is your war defense, and will not be able to switch up your defense at a relatively insignificant cost (as is the case with emblems).

However, I don’t see SGG reversing this decision - not because they’re evil and don’t care about the playerbase at all, but because these forums are not representative of the general playerbase.

By far most players will likely go “oh cool, I can make my heroes EVEN STRONGER!” without putting any thought into fighting against this in wars and the like, because that’s just how it works.

This is a net buff to all PvE players, of which there’s a ton, and a net buff to whales, who can afford to widen the gap between themselves and the rest.

Cold truth is, releasing this feature may not be a popular decision here, but it is still a wise business decision, and that’s all that matters.

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Tell me why
I don’t like limit breaks

Tell me why
I don’t like limit breaks

Tell me why
I don’t like limit breaks

I wanna shoo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oot…

The. Whole. Thing. Down.

Oooh oooh, oooh oooh, ooh ooh oooh :notes:

(Yeah, that pretty much sums it up for me)

I rather think this is actually what is driving much of the negative attitude towards limit breakers. It is for me. I did not enjoy the introduction of emblems that much. It made defenses stronger much faster than my attacking teams and I struggled. It seems that limit breakers will be even more restrictive initially than emblems were so that disparity will be even worse this time around.

So, by analysing the personal effects this will have on my self play, I am not looking forward to limit breakers at all.

You are perfectly entitled to your own opinion, but so is everyone else.

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You are quite the musical muse @RandaPandah I love it :grinning:


I believe it is the other way around if your attack teams are still supported by 4*.

We were holding our shields high up long enough, but SG gods are unphased… they are sending a message to us, to not be excited about this story anymore…

Nerd Palace is the best alliance I’ve ever been in :upside_down_face:

I’m very glad your absent leader won’t see your comment. He’s been offline 399 days now. :unamused:

You’re racking up the days offline in there too. :+1:&:disappointed_relieved:

I miss you, and hope you’re doing good @Vengeance. :sob:

@LuluA85 Veng sighting

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Guinevere 85…+18 from beta…


That’s impressive. So the Limit Breakers don’t adversely affect existing emblems, they just add to the base ascension, right?

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Miss you too, and @LuluA85 and many others :pensive:


Yeah that’s my understanding of it…

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Awesome, thank you very much.

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I face the same scenario, which people like you crib about… & don’t feel all the negativity but find a way to play… & with fun.

Find a way,… one does in life & no different for the game
Keep cribbing !!

I m sorry if I may have sounded like a bully. Not my aim.

I m unable to understand all this DAILY resistance & cribs / complaints about everything new introduced in this game… be it new heroes & their stats, events, etc…

Most times, in raids & wars, I face teams with all heroes with 20 emblems & high troops, many times L30 = they r OP viz my roster…
It’s a similar situation that you are speaking wrt LBs.

I go & play, have fun… it’s a game… I find ways to tackle each team I face…

Each new season hero is OP = has same LB type stats built in… what is new with LB, except it’s a CHOICE available with players to improve heroes they want to… & have fun :smile:

Despite all you say… you too have & will do the above…

Yes it’s great I just can’t imagine I’ll have emblems LB for not for a while

Limit breaker or not - we need more food!
Limit breakers need even more food. So please introduce more farms!

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I wouldn’t panic too much over it. Maybe we’ll be able to get those limit breaker items for alkashards. Just like them emblems

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