Skip the Limit Breakers, before it's too late

@Ultra Agree the two posts need to be merged but not sure who has the ability to do that outside of moderators

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Not to doubt your word, but i would really like to see a list of those top alliances/top players agree to leave the game after this feature.

That could also help your cause.


@JGE Those would be the SG staff monitoring the community forum.

@Elpis Well, I don’t really think most members of top alliances would just leave simple because of the introduction of limit breakers. Most of them are regular spenders anyways and may view limit breakers up to their favor and to their advantage. They have invested so much time, effort and money on this game that leaving it simply due to a new feature that can very much spell a blessing for their behalf would be difficult to do so. I won’t be surprised if the needed materials to limit break your heroes will be sold as a freebie in some gem offers. Who do you think will grab them first?

That’s also my opinion and in fact i’m a bit skeptical about top players/alliances leaving because of limit breakers.

But i would really be glad he prove me wrong, as something like this would be a great signal that things must change.

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In my alliance 2 brothers are thinking about quit, all this updates are forcing people to decide

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Iv kept it here as the vote system in place don’t wanna lose them.
As a merge… Well they are close both 7 hours active. So who actually made it first :thinking:

As for voting aswell… 🧪 The Beta Beat (V37, V38 & V39) – Advanced Hero Levelling, Future S4 Heroes, Hero Balances, Future HotM's, Non-S1 Costumes, Starfall Circus Heroes + Event -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

Free votes on that link :+1:


If you was out of votes like @SamMe was.
Here’s a link to how to unremove a vote.


Voted. Limit Breakers are nothing more than a greedy cash grab without adding any substantial new gameplay features to the game.
They introduced emblems which was hugely problematic, completely suffocated defense variety and made war frustrating when you were fighting highly emblemed teams with your heroes which did not have emblems (since they were so slow to release them). But at least emblems introduced new gameplay mechanics like the random fighter revive, the cleric mana shield, the rogue dodge etc. which make you rethink how you would approach your battles.
Limit breakers? It introduces nothing other than to boost the stats of your hero after the mess that is costumes for non S1 heroes was touted and savagely rejected.
And we will be back to where we started with hero emblems 1 year ago. This is going to be a complete mess thanks to pure greed.
If Limit breakers go ahead, I’m done with this game. Nerd Palace awaits.


It’s sad but they killed it…

Screenshot 2021-06-15 at 19.24.06


First they nerf Telluria & Vela beyond worth a crap. Then, you make new heroes that make them seem crappy. Now they wanna give you a shot at making them even more powerful. Frigg, Odin, Elizabeth & Freya, just to add a few, are gonna become rediculous & chase people from the game. At least give Telluria & Vela back their power first


Nothing in the game stops players from playing for fun, if they want to have fun.

Million+ players are playing & few 1000 may leave… as a business enterprise, one doesn’t stop new things, innovations to make game exciting for most players bcoz, a small portion wants to stay in Stone Age.

Game creators / manager know it… so LB & other stuff will come… whether people / I like or not… & it should.


SG don’t forget that empty game is not profitable. Wait and see.

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This is their most blatant demonstration about just how little the greedy cashgrabbers care about the players. These limit breakers will be the death of this game and Zynga’s cash cow


If you are talking to people you know this to be true.

You do realize that like 80% of the players are against this right? Yup sure is a “small portion”. I find it funny how SG is aware of a large list of free changes/new things that the players actually want, and they wont implement any of them, but when it comes to something players dont want, well you know how that goes. Cute how you are still defending them though :slight_smile:


You are completely wrong. If you don’t put out a product that people enjoy they will stop making purchases, that’s basic capitalism. If you like the feature and are looking forward to it, more power to you. The majority I’ve spoken to don’t. That’s just really bad economics, why would you sour long time spending players? To hook in new ones? Okay so your gonna displease your most loyal long term players for new ones that may or may not pan out?!? What Dr Seuss of economics told you alienating loyal devoted customers is the way to go? Should new things be implemented, yes of course. But let’s be honest, the last few years, SG hasn’t been doing that very well. It’s been misstep after misstep. So maybe I and everyone will be wrong and it will be a hit, and everyone will love it. I don’t think so. The Beta players didn’t like it. Those poor Beta players who are always doing their best to improve the game and are always ignored. If you like it say it. Say why you like it. Change my mind please. I’ll be very happy to be wrong. But so far, no one for it is even trying to defend it on its merits.


V39 loaded today limit breakers now up and running and new ascension items to collect and buy so yet again the devs don’t giv a toss about customers feedback I reckoned they just block these pages

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There’s a rule out there with CEO’s of company’s called the 80/20 rule. Means 80% of your profit comes from 20% of the players. You can call the whale rule. So you are spot on, 80% of the player base hates this, but SG is paying attention to the 20% that fund them. That’s all they need. And before you say, “Well that 20% will leave if it’s just them left”. Yes, you are right they will. They’ll head on over to Puzzle Combat and do it all again for several years. They milk what they can get because mobile games are destined for death eventually. Then they’ll move on to the next profit target.


When will I enjoy all the efforts I have made for this game after 3 years? This feature will spoil up the game!! No balance! No listening! Money is NOT everything!

I am 100% with you!

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I find it hilarious to read a constant rant about : We, the players v/s them SG… AND, when a player has a different opinion which is on the lines of welcoming new changes, then you / types gang up as bullies. Seriously, what do get = NOTHING, except ranting on this forum = means a BiG ZERO…

Also, If you & types have so much animosity, then what are you doing here in the first place…?! Please think !!

Where have you got the number 80% are against LBs. You based the communication by very small % of people on various forums out of million+ players to assume your 80%… Pls get real.

I enjoy playing the game, am a P2P with few period as a C2P as now I am buying mainly deals as I have a good hero collection. I am having fun with new changes / hero combos…

Except more frequent dropping of 4* elemental mats (6 needed) for ascending heroes, I don’t find any issue with the game.

Mystic Vision being a 4 hours thing now delivers more emblems daily… is one improvement that many may have NOT noticed or want to acknowledge…


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