Skip the chest, is it worth it?


Hi guyz. I want your opinion, does it worth gems to skip the chests?


Please read this thread:


I read it, thanks. But I still can’t decide is it worth it or not.


There’s so many things that go into that decision…just something you have to decide for yourself.


For me, yes, I skip. I have many good heroes who need rare mats, so I don’t need many gems for summonses. Accelerating chests is a cost-effective way of getting what I need. You may have different needs.


I don’t do it yet because I don’t have the super pressing need (I need to level some people to get there and I have a workable stash at the moment), plus they nerfed the rewards so it’s a little less (though still) enticing. If I get to the point where I feel a need to do so based on where I am I will pivot that way for sure - it seems like a pretty good ‘deal’ when it comes to spending gems versus the other options.


IMO, best use of gems ever.


Maybe at the beginning it is better to save gems for summons, but after that I find it more helpful to skip the chests. I had a fire chest today and it gave me a warm cape and sturdy shield, not the rings I was hoping for, but still good.