Skip Farholme?

I am F2P and chronically short of some AM items so I don’t pass up any opportunity whether I need it or not. The AM drops for me are highly cyclical so what I am short of now will soon be a glut and what I have a glut of now will soon become scarce.


If you ever get all four TC’s going at level 20, you will get more 5*'s. I’ll ususally keep 2 going at level 20, and the other 2 producing level fodder. Once I run out of backpacks I put all for at level 20 till I build up to around 900ish back packs, then go back to 2 at 20 and 2 producing leveling fodder. I will typically pull from the TC20’s when I have 20 built up, and get 1 or 2 5*'s. When you have all four TC’s at level 20 it only takes 10 days, so it doesn’t take long to build up a small supply of 5*'s.


The correct answer: No


Never skip even if I have a bunch of Gloves and Tome Tactic.
There are no limit in inventory, and also there are Alchemy Labs which is rumored can exchange AM.

10 is not much, if I have 100 each AM, then it is another story.


Ummmm, what are costumes in the game?

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Here is beta info.


Even if I don’t have a hero to use the stage 5 ascension mat on, I know that eventually I will get one. I just got my 2nd Joon yesterday from TC20 for example, you just never know when you’ll strike gold.

So I never skip these quests. The stage 5 rewards are too rare to pass up. I would consider overflowing in them a good problem to have.

@Gryphonknight Personally and assuming that Alchemy Lab won’t cost gems in the future, the only duplicate stuff I’m giving it is the farmable mats. I think even without the gem cost, it feels like a rip-off to give up an unfarmable mat for RNG. Unless there’s a guarantee that I’ll get what I need, I don’t see myself giving up the unfarmable ones ever.

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I always go for tomes and dblades. I just don’t take the chance that I will run out ever. Never know when I’ll get super lucky with the chromatic ascension materials and burn 5 at once… :slight_smile:

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What do you do instead?
Is there anything better to spend we for momentarily?

I did the trail and now Farholme.
Tabard or tonic would have been better, but so what, a tome and gloves to fill the chest is still better than S2 loot.


I have never thought of skipping any rare quest! Can’t even figure out any tangible reason to do so,…rare quests are sure means of getting AM in this game without passing though RNG process.

Any of those rare mats are potential stopper for ascending heroes, the more you have the better, and as such I even collect in anticipation for heroes that I’m still looking forward to get.

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I’m like everyone else here. I’d do it. I’m c2p and I was at a point where I had tons of mats. And then hit a good streak where I got several key heroes and used them all up pretty quick. Now I’ve begun building back up my stock of mats and blades and tomes are in short supply.

I figure it’s better to get the mats and not need them rather than need them and not have them.


F2P here as well.

Don’t ever pass up the chance to stockpile ascension material, especially these are non-farmable and guaranteed.

As others have brought up and adding some of my own interpretations:

  • If you are C2P/F2P, you don’t constantly spend $ or Gems to get the deals from the shops (that include the occasional AM purchases) and you rely on in-game elements to get you your ascension materials, you will want every opportunity you can get. Let’s face it, RNG wins in the end.

  • You might argue in your opening statement that you are ahead now, but once you start having more heroes that use these items, you are going to wish you never squandered opportunities for guaranteed non-farmable ascension materials. As you get more 4* an 5* on your roster, you will undoubtedly find one or two material that you are going to be needing, and that is Gloves and Compasses. Elemental Mats aside, 4* heroes only need Gloves/Compasses to carry them to their final ascension, but 5*heroes will need Gloves/Compasses for their 3rd tier, in addition to Tomes and Damascus Blades for their Final tier.

  • Unlike the hero roster cap, there is currently no cap in the inventory for your items.

  • World Energy is rechargeable, and WE flasks are comparatively more common than other flasks (and even more so than the Gloves and Tomes here). So if you are ever in the boat in which you fear that you are wasting WE to do the quests and not enough to say gain XP, do other quests, or do Avatar missions, or really just feel like your need to constantly do something in game, pop a WE if you feel that you must. WE, for what they do, are still more common than Ascension Materials.

  • If you surfed a forum a bit, you will undoubtedly have come across plethora of posts and topics in the nature of “I have been playing for XX.X year now, but I have ‘never’ gotten more than 1 of [Insert Name of certain Ascension Material]. SGG is cheating and only wants your $$$!!!111!1!!” Please, do not help contribute to that kind of rhetoric. The fact that you are posting about Farholme Pass means you are well aware of what this quest means.

In short, if you can help it, do not relinquish the opportunity to get “guaranteed” non-farmable items that are essential to your hero advancement.


I’m on the cusp of TC20 so I’ve been stockpiling mats for a while and intend to keep my hoard up

I’m not skipping farholme pass, although I have a feeling always the color-specific 4* mats are the bottleneck, never DB or ToT.


I agree. Hopefully Alchemy Lab version 3.0 will be better than v0.1 .

Also Devs want to add trade. I would trade all my duplicate 5* 1.1, and some of my 5* 3.70, for Ariel ( Atlantis) and hMother North ( Winter ).

Then I would have to level replacements.

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I haven’t paid a cent, and I have far more 5* than materials to ascend them…
At one point you will realice that and you will regret.
Once you run TC20, 5* heros are not the problem, materials are

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One more vote for skipping this quest as a terrible idea. Your world energy will refill later in the day and you can carry on farming with only a short delay. Guaranteed items in a game ruled by random is a blessing that would be a shame to pass up.

FTP as well and would also recommend NEVER skipping quests. Have enough 4* specific mats for four 5* heros (if I had them, lol) and only 2 Tomes. (5 Damascus blades though)

This post exists, and so do many others titled like: “has SGG reduced the drop rate of 4* AM?”

WHY? Are you not going to do any pulls ever? Save all jewels, Atlantis coins , tokens?
How many 5*’ do you have? How many decent 5*'s are there?
I don’t spend a lot, manly, Atlantis Rise, but i will NOT skip any events, no matter how many items i stored.
My surprised opinion.
Have fun.

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