Skip Farholme?

Hi everyone.
Anyone else skip Farholme pass?

Looking at my inventory, I think I am going to skip a rare quest for the first time. I have 5 tomes, 5 blades and almost 10 compasses and gloves.

While I do have several heroes waiting for those 6th 4* ascension mats, I can’t imagine myself ever outpacing the stock I have already built up in the general ascension items and required feeders even if I do get additional 5*s.

Is this a common thing after a certain point for people that aren’t rolling in 5*s?

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Considering I’ve been waiting FOREVER to get this Tome for Gravemaker, I’m doing the quest :grin:

I know what you’re saying though. For me it’s quests with orbs or compasses. I still do them, just not with the sense of urgency like I have for an ascension item I really, really need.


titans hate me, no AM drops for an eternity :frowning:

So will never pass up the chance of an AM, ToT or otherwise


Even if i had 50 of tomes i would still do Farmhole…
You need 1 tome and 1 Blade for every 5* hero…there can’t be too much of these things…


You may be ahead now, but you will need them eventually. I do every rare mat quest I can, whether I need it yet or not. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and nit have it


Trust me, you’ll outpace the stock one day. Better get all rare quests, better be safe than sorry!


As above you will use up your stock one day. Always complete rare mats quests :slight_smile:


For me, the globes are my current premium. At least 6 of my 4* are on 3’60 or almost there. And only one globes on my inventory.
On the other hand i have 4 tomes and no 5* near to ascend. The closest is Thorne at 2’60 but only 2 telescopes, so he will stay there for a loooong time and probably more if any other 5* appear

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Wow I don’t see anyone of the opinion to skip lol :slight_smile: just out of interest, are you all paying players? I’m pretty much C2P, so I can’t see myself getting 5* heroes at a faster pace than those general ascension items. (and even if so, I may do every other farholme etc.)

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I was c2p for three months of vip, and since a f2p. But i have around 15 4* ascended so for me globes are still needed. I have 3 5* ascended, another one is the Thorne already mentioned, and the fifth is a second Elkanen sitting at 1’1, so i probably wont need a six tome in a very long time. But nobody knows how will the Alchemy lab work so maybe those will have a use

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You’ll regret it…

20 regrets…


I just have 1 5* hero after 8 months playing, very C2P, but I’m definetely going for those AM. I don’t know when I’ll need them.

The questions I have for you are:

Are you really close to level up that you don’t want to hit a new level right now because you are waiting for the next titan to spawn?

Are you needing your world energy to complete other things that you don’t want to spend them on this quest?

If those are not the reasons for passing this quest, I don’t see any problem in going for more AM.

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You may have convinced me with the new buildings. If you could trade in 4* ascension mats for a chance at other 4* ascension mats? I would take that gamble with my blades and tomes :smiley:

Never. Skip. Any. Rare. Event. Period.



Assuming Devs add Alchemy Lab, or trade, I am getting every non farmable ascension item and emblem I can. They take no space in my inventory and I would love to trade extras of one for needed of others ( looking at you Druid emblems and Trap tools ).


Legendary training since 2018-March ( still no
Cyprian :slightly_frowning_face: ) and in the last two weeks my camps produced 3x 5* heroes, including Obakan which I have wanted since 2017-October. RNG can be very streaky.


If you buy a 3* ascension item it is usually $2 USD and $10 USD for a 4* ascension item. Since it takes up no space, I would rather have it than not.


For the longest time I had 2x Trap tools to everything else 3* ( Purple 4* heroes and classes solved this problem). RNG is streaky.

It is possible to have a critical shortage for months, or years, especially 4* ascension items, because there is no mercy timer.

I will always get guaranteed 4* items in case future streaky RNG refuses to give me an item I really need.

Neutral items

Farholme drops neutral ascension items, so any hero benefits.


Rumor from Beta says costumes need non farmable ascension items.


I have 8 blades and 8 tomes and would not trade them for anything. I will need them eventually.


You never know when you’ll get lucky. My alt is f2p, after saving diamonds for a year, did a 10x in atlantis and a 10x in avalon, and out popped Inari, Mitsuko and Guinevere. In the meanwhile, tc 20 produced Sartana and Lianna.


I’m a moderate spender (more than C2P, but nowhere close to whaling - around $50 a month, but slowly reducing that amount).

My last Atlantis pulls, in 30 pulls I got Misandra, Kageburado and Mitsuko.

Tomes and D-Blades are never enough.


Trading either a damascus blade or a ToT to get another 4* AM would be considered a heresy in some places… :sweat_smile:


I have no Tabards today, and I still wouldn’t trade a D-Blade or a Tome for a Tabard.

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