Skip chests by a single payment

Skip time is combined , so it would be nice and fair being able to skip both (raid and monster chest) by a single payment.

Well @Olmor, I loved the idea, and voted but since I recently learned that running out of votes can SUCK, I’m just going to agree with you here AND bump this post to see if it gains any traction…

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What if you have 1h to monsters chest and 5h to heroes chest?

If you skipped both by a single payment, that wouldnt happen anymore

Unless u dont fill them at same time but i know I’d fill both everytime I’m allowed as i do now

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Would happen e.g. if I finished my monsters chest at 8am and heroes chest at 10:30am.

You can fill monsters chest with 24 flags but heroes chests require 6 flags so until you use flasks/gems you will fill heroes chest later than monsters.

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I see no use in this feature

Realized that myself after typing a novel and rereading

Hmmmm valid point @grzechol. Hadn’t considered that. Would make things overly confusing I imagine?

The higher amount skips both.

So you get one skip for free? Totally unfair. I think the combined cost should skip both.

However, a low price possibly would increase skip rates, since then it’ll even become an option for f2p.

Sure but I don’t really believe SG would allow us to skip two chests for lowered price

Why not? Their pockets are full, so why not lower some prices to satisfy a lot of players at once?

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