Skills not firing

Awhile ago there was a bug where you’d get your Mana and the skill wouldn’t go off but your Mana would still drain. This was fixed but I’m noticing it’s back. It started with Kadilen for me, then Caed started doing it. Now I’m noticing it on my alt as well with a few 3* heroes I honestly can’t recall the names of. Please look into it :slight_smile: I know it was fixed at one point but it has returned

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I have never seen this happen, unless blinded ofc :slight_smile:

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It’s entirely different than blind. When blind you still have the animations and fire. This has the frame light up and then disappears when I go to set it off with no reaction at all.

Probably a new “balance” the Devs have added.


Hahahaha Dork (Filling characters don’t read this…)

What OS version on phone or tab could help the devs. I have never heard of this happening to anyone, so it might be a issue with just some specific OS.

Actually Arien you have heard of this several times.
It was discussed at length when you were in shadow warriors and in the line group that sooty accused you of being a cheat because you go to lunch with the developers.

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I don’t think I was in that group. I think it was Boarasaurus who told me that Sooty was spreading those false rumors about me. I don’t recall hearing about such bug either.

But that is ages ago. I haven’t heard anyone say that skills would be missing targets now. It must be really rare then because you would hear much more complaints.

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You were definitely in that group , I added you.
Many people had issues with the specials firing, especially on caedmon. They fixed it, but they have obviously messed it up again.

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So long ago, I can’t remember. But I haven’t seen it myself

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Lol, for the skill 2 fire, u have to pass a skill check. Is possible enemy resistance will shut down attack.
That, I’ve seen.
Yep, could be OS glitching. I’m using iOS 9.01 onna 6+, so I could be left out of new builds.
I actually thot mana wasn’t feeding an saw skills misfire on my **s, but not making big mamas anyway.
Lol. The misfires seem to be fixed, and currently there’s NO shroom or crystal drops on my map.
Possibly because I beat Ogron into submission an th coast is worried, but time will tell.

Sry about pics, but is a fast moving item, an my camera skills are Not that good.

Umm no, if you had read my post you’d know that I had the Mana hit the button lost mana, no animation. It was not blind nor a Mana chopping hero. I am not new, I’m pretty familiar with how skills work, Thanks.

The glitch however was fixed in the following update for me, though I had seen another player talk about the same issue on here post update so I didn’t bother to mark it fixed.

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