Skilled long-term player looking for a Temporal alliance fighting top 100 for upcoming Clash of Knights

Hey people,

I’m quite a skilled player that is currently on a good alliance where I’m having fun, killing daily titans without struggle and winning most of our wars.

However, for the alliance quest of Clash of titans, not all the alliance members are into it.

For this time, I would like to aim for the top 100 (even top 10 if possible).

Sadly, I won’t manage to do so in my current alliance, so I’m looking for a TEMPORAL alliance that allows me to give it a chance, and after the event, I will be coming back to my old alliance.

The event is scheduled for 29th June to 4th July

Last CoK event I scored around 2.2 million points, which should place me at a competitive level.

I’m putting pictures of my current raid defense. That should give a good reference.

Hope to hear some proposals!


P.S. I have Line too if needed


There is still time! Anyone? :stuck_out_tongue:

We are not top 100 and still new but you can try us for the AQ if you like. Dragon cohort TMAwe also have a line group

Tagging a few buddies who might be able to help, if you haven’t found somewhere already…



@Sarah2 ty for the tag and consideration but my fukwits play for fun not placement… We too old for that ****
Good luck to u wherever u end up alba :popcorn:


I’d be surprised if there’s a spot in 7d. I tried to organize a “player exchange” to align some players in one 7d alliance with another to match competitive desires for this event. We have some who meet alliance expectations 11/12 weeks and joined prior to this event. It’s our attempt to support the players in the family. I’m pretty certain each 7d alliance is set. For example, in reborn, we have four leaving and two coming in from emerged and another two coming in from ascended. It’s a one week exchange program.


Good to know buddy. :popcorn: :beers: Thanks

What a great idea… All the very best with the exchange :trophy:

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What a great idea! I like it.

We are finnish alliance and we looking for 2 players! First time we were ranked 58 and last time 104. So if you are intrested. Let me know. You find me in line: tikrulii

Hey guys, still no luck and there are only like 2 days to go!!! Anyone willing to take me?!