Skill up still not available at MAX level


The skill up at max level bug is back again after update 1.5. I can not feed heroes to max out heroes.

On another note the skill up chances are way to low, this should be increased. I’ve feed Boril over 250 blue 1* and 2* heroes and he hasn’t skilled up once.


Hi, could you contact us in-game via Menu / Options / About / Support, so we can look into this with more detail?

We have tested the level up feature again and it should be working as intended.


My Li Xiu is at Ascension level 2 at level 50 with skill of 7/8. When I click on Level it says “Max Level reached”. I am not sure if this is because if I ascend her to level 3 that it will max her skill so it doesn’t allow me. I have a Balthazar at max level but 7/8 and it allows me to feed more heroes so that might be why.


Jaz, you can only keep feeding to level up if the hero in question is at max ascension, and max level. You’ll need to ascend Li Xiu in order to get her special to go higher.


Thanks Coppersky. I guess I will have to ascend Li Xiu then.


Wait… So does that mean if I have a 4* card at it’s 3rd ascension at max level but been totally unlucky I won’t be able to skill him up until I bring him to the final ascension level? The problem with that is it could takes months if not years to get the ascension materials necessary for the last ascension level.


You are correct Jaz. It’s one reason why I do spend the extra to train specific colour heroes at certain points in my game.


I try to always feed on color to my heroes but sometimes you just get super unlucky and feed 10 same color 10-20 times and still get no skill ups. They should remove that restriction and allow you to continue feeding heroes regarding of level.


Ive levelled up a hero and special skill improved to 7 then went back to 6?? Ive been trying to report it with no reply its an absolute nightmare this site!!!


You need to open a support ticket.


I’m with you. I am about fed up with feeding 10.of same color including trainer, and boot leveling the skill. Really a turn-off…kinda like getting only 1 3* in over 150 summons. Nothing changes no matter how long I wait to click summon or do it right away…same result. :-1:-p


Thanks i couldnt find that anywhere


Hello people. I have Issue with improving special skills on new heroes. Week back was everything fine. But suddenly I am not able improve special skill by leveling heroes. I always feeding them with pack of 10 same colour. Joon have inside 60-70 yelow heroeses but special skill wasnt improvd yet. Same problem is with Little John and Scarlett and probably will be with other too. But I leveling these now. Chance to improve special skill was alwas 26%-56%. Have somebody same issue? Should I report it as a bug?


Problem solved after todays update