Skill Points not increasing



I have several heroes that are at Max Ascension and level. Neither hero ever gained any skill points on level ups, only ascend. I have already tried several times (and about 30 heroes) all to no avail. Still no increase in skill points. Is this a bug or am I just to expect they don’t gain skill points? All I know it is that it is frustrating burning through that many resources with zero results.


it’s not a 100% chance to increase skill points. There are many threads in both this section and the bugs section that run through this.


I know, but it seems to be 0% chance from what I’ve seen.


30 on color heroes might be 20-30% chance. less if it’s off color heroes. statistically it’s not unusual to not have something that has a 20-30% chance that you try three times not get a successful outcome.


It’s just statistically frustrating. haha two more batches of 10 heroes (same color) and I finally got a single point increase. I think I just have lazy heroes.


send them to minor leagues to work on their swing! :slight_smile: