Skill not leveling up

Since update my heros skills are not leveling up

When you ascend them or just when you feed more Heroes?

How many have you tried?

If they don’t improve their skill when you ascend them, it’s a problem.

If they’re not doing it when you feed them heroes, it might just be bad luck.

This happened to me way before the last update. Only the two ascensions improved the skill, not a single improvement on hero level up.
So don’t underestimate bad luck.

I level up sonya right now… I have put in heros that have a 30% chance of going special skill up 4 times and it didnt upgrated.Probably bad luck but still considerable.

Try this: if you feed an hero to another one of the same type you get a 25% of skill improvement.
Gather 5 1* identical heroes and feed 4 of them to the fifth: that’s a 100% skill improvement.
If the skill doesn’t improve there’s definitely something broken.
Just to illustrate, I only have 3 Sigrunn at the moment

EDIT: I never tried doing that, I don’t know if there’s an upper limit lower than 100% for the skill improvement probability. If I can farm 2 more Sigrunn I’ll let you know

Guys, I don’t have a single 3 star hero out of about 10 that are 8/8 at max level. By contrast, I don’t have a single 4 or 5 star out of about 35 that are NOT 8/8.

For whatever reason, 4 and 5 star heros level up skills easier than 3s.

3* heroes ascend only twice, so they are granted a 3/8, while 4* and 5* ascend 3 times so they are granted a 4/8 just out of ascensions.
Moreover, a maxxed 3* has 120 levels, a maxxed 4* 220, a maxxed 5* 260, so 4* and 5* have many more levels to get the other 4 skill improvements, while 3* has less levels to achieve one improvement more. So no surprise maxxed 4* and 5* are more often also skill maxxed

When feeding. 20% was good before updates, sometimes leveling sometimes not, but now it doesn’t work. I tried about 6 times with 20% and one time 30%

I started levelling Thorne after the update. He was skill level 6 before I ascended him a single time. The %s are BS, 5 star heros special skills all go up way, way easier. I’ve done 10, 2 star heros of the same color, 40% percent chance and not improved. Then I’ll use the 2 1 star heros I have left over and it’ll improve. It’s always been all over the place

Well luck plays an important role here even with the improved %.

Previously I fed my Kiril 4 x 10 heroes (1* and 2*) and not a single skill improvement.
But I just ascended him to level 2 and magically I just tried a single red 1* and his skill just went up.
So sometimes the randomness of this game can be very surprising and annoying at the same time.

But please still feed your heroes 10 x the same color feeders for consistency sake to improve skill.

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I’m really pissed off… My sand hero arman is already at level 50, skill 5/8. I have been feeding him coz i want his skill maxed. With 85%, 75%, 75%, 70% and 50% chances in a row but still nothing happens… What the f-word!? Seriously? Just wow!

3 star heroes level up quite quickly, often well before their skills reach 8/8.

SG has recently done an update which quintuples the chance of maxing that skill IF you feed your hero 10 heroes of the same colour.

It should say 100% before you want to want to level it up. Anything less than 100% and you are only taking a chance it will increase.

Dude, just feed him with 100% skill chance improve. It is now much more easier to increase the skills of maxed 3 stars, because the chances of increase is quintupled. So feed him 10x 1* heroes of the same colour together or 5x 2* heroes of the same colour together and you will get a guaranteed increase in skill. Any combination also works as long as the total is 100%. 1* same colour is worth 10% and 2* same colour is worth 20%.

85% + 75% + 75% + 70% + 50% = 355%

You could’ve leveled his skill 3 and a half times already.

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When tail cases like that happen, it’s really frustrating. That’s about a 1-in-700 occurrence, so it’s fairly uncommon. And it sucks to be the person it happens to.

Just hang in there. As others have said, the good news is, the probability of leveling is now 5x higher per feeder. Just crank the percentage to 100% for the next 3 feedings and he’ll finish off.

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I must say that there seems to be something wrong, I have lvled up 2 3* heroes to the max and both has only 3/8. I tried higher chances, but only 100% worked. I do not think it is a bad luck. Since last update none of my 3* upgraded the special skill (except ascend).

Feeding same color 1* and 2* one at a time over four heroes yesterday, I got multiple skill raises, including two in a row on the same hero. Two are 3* and up to 7/8 and the third 3* is only 5/7. (The fourth is a 5* I only just started yesterday afternoon and is already at 2/8.) It’s just luck.

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