Skill leveling doesn't work

Scarlett, 3/52, skill lvl - 3.
No one lvlup, excluding ascension. Is this a bug?

Not a bug, just RNG…my Elena got to level 8 at 3.67, my Miki at 1.42 :wink: always using same strategy, 10 random feeders at a time.


It happens. It’s fairly unlucky, but it happens.

Were you leveling her up with 1* feeders, 2* feeders, trainers? If you sped up her leveling by using a couple of 2* or 3* Trainer heroes, for example, then it isn’t too surprising - those are a big chunk of XP, but a pitiful chance at increasing skill.

Lately, I’ve been using 5x 1* same-color feeders at a time, and I got two Wilburs to 8/8 before they got to 2-50.

If you aren’t planning to ascend Scarlett to 4-1 and then max to 4-70, then yeah, it might suck a little bit if she sits at 3-60 with only 3/8 skill. On the other hand, if you do ascend her and max her, then it takes so much feeding to max, that you’ll most likely get to 8/8 before max. (And if you don’t, please post it here… I’d be interested to see that, it’d be RNG gone wild!)

Good gaming!


From my understandings, I use same color feeders for the leveling and specials increase percentage bonus. Short term it may take longer to level a single hero, but long term my entire bench benefits from the same color feeding. For the amount of leveling I have to do, the bonus is worth it.



Using off color heroes to level Scarlett gives you the worst odds.




([Links, Links, Links] Discussions about leveling heroes- Updated 2018-Jun-06)


For first ~30 lvls I used red heroes with a little random colours addition, then only red heroes without trainers, with 16-20% chances.

All the rest of my **** heroes got 8/8 before 3/60, and even among *** the worst result was 5/8 (with much less cautious leveling).

Never use off colors when trying to level special skills!

Also, 1* feeders are more likely to level your specials quicker vs. 2* feeders. Why? Because while 2* feeders give you 2x the chance to level a special as a 1* hero, they give you more than 2x the XP, so leveling with 2* feeders has a higher likelihood of advancing your hero’s level faster than their special skill.

In addition: while the overall benefit to this strategy is negligible, it can actually be beneficial to feed your heroes 1 feeder hero at a time vs. 10 at a time. While there is no difference in the actual odds themselves (10x2% is the same as 1x20%), doing 10 separate “RNG leveling pulls” can potentially level your special skill 10 times (well, okay, 7 times is the max, but the principle still stands), whereas a single 10x feed only has the potential to increase your special skill 1 time.

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