Skill level on a normal hero used with a costume

I have been working on Hawkmoon, and she’s almost maxed, but her special skill level is at 3. Today, I pulled a costume for her, and I intend to use her with the costume. Do I need to worry that her normal card has low level special? I’m not putting emblems on her or anything.

So, you can level the costume without the main hero’s special maxed. You will probably find that the costumes special won’t max either.

Fortunately there is a solution. Once you get either (or both) to 3-50 you can continue to feed the hero in order to max the special. Feeders have an increased chance to max the special after 3-50.

  • 10 1* like color feeders will give you a 100% chance
  • 5 2* like color feeders will do the same

Eventually you’ll want to max the special because they will be more effective when maxed.

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I think costume maxes skill a lot easier that the regular card, doesn’t it? Or are the chance multipliers identical.


Read more here:

I am not 100% sure but I don’t know if you get the full Costume Bonus unless both the BASE hero AND Costume are at max level & 8/8 on special skill… Not sure; perhaps you can test?

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No. As long as you don’t want to put emblems on her. Emblems are only possible if skill is 8/8.

No no no. Other way round. You mixed something up. Costumes gain more XP (almost tripled) , so they level up faster, ergo you put less feeders in it, so you have less chances that the skill will increase. I never had a 3* costume whose skill was at 8/8 when the costume reached 3.50…always needed additional feeders.

What to keep in mind: Skills on a costume level slower compared to the level of the costume than on regular heroes. But it’s all luck.

I mean after the costume is maxed. I think the chance to level a special multiplies tenfold or something.

Oh yes you are right.

So forget my first answer. To get the full costume bonus you need to max skills on both. (Hero and costume).

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Then you really need to be more precise. :face_with_monocle:

It is quintupled (times 5).

No chances for maxing skill are the same on base hero and costume. It is 10% per ☆ So 1 ☆ gives 10% chance, 2☆ gives 20% …and so on. Identical hero gives 100 % though.

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Max level is not necessary only skill level is. Richard 4.2 with full costume bonus:


Hi just max her normally and then you can work on the costume and the thing is the normal hero must have higher levels than costume if you want to ascend any costume on any hero

I’m not in desperate need of the costume bonus, I just want to be able to use her costume’s special skill for now.

@Schalk she is almost maxed, but her special is stuck at 3. I’m going to max her within a few days, I just would like to know if her costume’s special will reach level 8 if her regular card is still at 3.

This is completely independent. Costume skill can reach 8/8 no matter what skill is on regular hero.

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Cool. Yeah, I’ll level her regular skill later, when I’m done leveling my other 3*.

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