Skill level not leveling

None of my heroes special skills are leveling. I have one 5* heroe that on second tier and skill is only 2. Can I get some help with this?

Are you using heroes of the same colour to level with? That increases the chance alot. Some people like to save up 10 heroes and level in batches, some prefer to do it one at a time (low chance but 10Ă— more chances). In my experience, no matter how you do it, heroes that stubbornly refuse to up their skills early, tend to suddenly get lucky later on. But ultimately it is a process involving luck so patience is required :frowning:

I am using 10 same colour for upgrade only but face same problem in two accounts…
“small account”

“big account”

not comming over 5/8

Thought is was just me having bad luck but now I got the feeling it happened because of the better chances to upgrade skill after full tier…not nice.


sucks as I am trying to level a few 3* for challenge events and getting the same thing. It is a pain but that is the way it is…

Nope, I have the same.
Sometimes a complete tier no new level in special and then 3 or four shortly after one another.
I haven’t noticed any bug recently in levelling special. The new improved chance after your hero is fully levelled does not change the % used to determine if special will go up or not during levelling of the hero.
These are 2 serperate %'es

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you still have quite a bit of time to get it finished. 3* on the other hand are harder.

I have a greymane (why is she leveling a greymane? It’s a project :wink: ) that is only 2/8 and almost on final ascension, but my Cheshire Cat is already 5/8 and just a few levels in second tier. It’s just bad luck. My Greymane also only gets 1s blue, so very stubborn one, lol. Most of my 3s will be 8/8 before maxed (I only feed them 1*s same colour), but some will only be 5/8, that’s how it goes. Just be glad it’s so easy now to level their specials after they are maxed. My Wabbit felt like a bottomless pit and I gave up on him after feeding at least 100 feeders after he was maxed and kept him at 6/8, now he is very happy at 8/8…

Hi Harry, I know what you mean but I got this on two accounts and it is quite strange that the problems begun when the new feature was implemented…especially in “small” account I had no problems to get 3 other 4s to last skill special and got only one 3 which I got problems with…for this I especially waited until new feature was there. Just sharing my recent experiances…


Nowadays, I just throw hero of every color to 3* heroes I want to level. I don’t care if their skills still 3/8 at level 50 because since New Year update, after hero reach maximum level (50 for 3*), the chance to increase their special skill is 5x higher, thus I can just use 10 1* or 5 *2 heroes of the same color and they will be guaranteed to have their skill increased.

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I did not know that, thank you.

We all know but still that means that you need more heroes (and therefor more food) to get the card on same level as it was before new feature…guess this is the problem here. You can always have bad luck but I leveled in total over 20 4 star heroes to the top skill and never was on 5/8 at this point.

I was talking about 3* heroes, I use different method for 4*. It cost more time and food when I use specific color training (8500 food and 1 hour for a hero) to level 3* heroes. With the new feature, I just use the uncommon training (2000 food and 30 minutes) if there is only one 3* I currently leveling, that way I can level them faster and cheaper (even after counting additional heroes needed). But if there are five 3* heroes of different colors to be leveled, I still use same color to level them.

For 4* heroes, the update doesn’t mean much as ascension material is rare thus it is harder to fully level them. Some heroes are never going to the last ascension, that is why I always want them to have 8/8 special at 3/60, thus I stick to same color leveling. I would be very nervous if they still 5/8 at your Sumitomo/Triton level.

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I did not realize there was an increased chance once the card is maxed out. I’m having the same issue as OP for the first time. Leveling has always been aggravating but never this bad. I’m trying to raise up a Lianna and only got one level up other than the automatic ones. Have her at 3/25 and still no joy. At one point I fed her a useless extra kalladin I’ll never bother with which raised the chance % to over 60. Still no increase.

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I’m doing exactly that with a 3* Vlad right now, he’s getting it all and I’ll get those last specials at the end without all the care of only 1* purple to get him there.

Haven’t found any issue with worse special drops lately either, just RNG playing out as always.

I just noticed, maybe it’s always been this way, maybe a change, a 3* card of the different color only increases level up chance by 3 points. Contrast that with a 1* card of same color worth 2 points? That seems wonky

Different color cards give a 1% chance per star to increase the special. Same color cards give a 2% chance per star to increase the special.
All probabilities for special improvement are multiplied by 5 once the hero is at maximum tier and level if their special still isn’t maxed by then.
I had a 3* I got to 3/50 with no special increases except from ascension, with one at a time same color feeding. Bad luck happens sometimes, but at least the recent Ă—5 multiplier makes it easier to correct.

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