Skill Change For Richard & Icons


Changes for Ice Hero Richard pictures left to right changes. WTH is a Cloud Hammer? Pillow Cloud soft Hammer hits? !No! a Hammer hit so deadly it’s ice cold- subzero even.

And why no Icon for him I’m pretty sure many players would like to have his smug face as their profile picture.
or in general add many of the missing characters icon.

New images for avatars please :D

Well it could be referring to an anvil-head. Not all clouds are downy-soft and gentle.



Okay Rook I know your all around in every post and your great at comments and advice. and nice of you to joke my post. But be serious what you think about a possible change of skill for this character?


Why not “Copyright infragment shot!” ?

Finish him.


Truthfully, “Cloud Hammer” doesn’t bother me. Sub-Zero makes me think of Mortal Kombat (“Finish him!”) like Elpis said, but it would work too.

What other names can we come up with, with “Hammer” and his element? Might be a fun little exercise! :wink:

HAMMER: mallet, gavel (?), sledge!

ICE: Frozen, Frost, Glacial, Rime


lol if yall worried about copyright infringement. fine just take out the “-”. and subzero is everywhere to describe how cold things are. and maybe subzero strike might appeal to other player like lol a MK reference.


I like Subzero Strike better than Glacial Gavel! :smile:


lol Gavel? now he is a Judge.


He judges the suckiness of his enemies! Lol


You guys are funny lol I also thought Subzero from mortal combat @Rook lol


Justice and judge are making it sound like a new theme for next event, just need baliff, attorney and prosecutor


You guys, he wants to know about the attack reduction > defense reduction part :smiley:


Nah looks like they going the animal route this past event. look out for more animal looking characters lol


Ellilea, I don’t get technical, I just hit things. He’ll need a smarter cat for his question. :wink:


glad you can see the change I made on the skill. not just the name of the skill. thank you. and hope everyone else saw it too.


Oh it’s Resol lol. Didn’t notice before.

Anyway, I think defense reduction will always trump attack reduction in this game unless the AR is something magnificent like 80%.


Already Ahena and Isarnia that do defence debuff.

A third one (and all ice people too) is simply… too much?


That is what cold does make you slow and weaken your defense. It’s perfect. Athena is a Monthly Hero so she don’t count. And it would make people want to use him more and play more knowing they have a chance at this good character too. that’s if they missed Athena.


King of the North? Eli? Echo lol


Ok, let’s take a look on 5* status effects:


  • Azlar: DoT All
  • Elena: 3 Reposte
  • Marjiana: DoT one
  • Ares: HoT + attack buffs
  • Capt. Kestrel: attack based on mana


  • Richard (by now): 3 attack down
  • Isarnia: All defence down
  • Thorne: 3 None
  • Magni: 3 defence up
  • Athena: 3 defence down


  • Horshgall: All attack down
  • Kadilen: All special defence up
  • Elkanen: 3 autocure
  • Lianna: One none (and don’t need :smile: )
  • Lady Locke: 3 DoT and status cure
  • Alberich: Resurrection, MoT and HoT All


  • Justice: Blind all
  • Joon: Blind one
  • Vivica: Cure + defence all
  • Leonidas: One Mana cut, autocure
  • Musashi: 3 autocure


  • Quintus: All none
  • Sartana: 1 DoT
  • Hell: 3 Mana Stop
  • Cpt Sargasso: 3 slowing cure

Now, as you can see none of the 5* (Except for Marjana and Sartana) deal the same kind of status Effect, especially on the same “group”.
Only spot “open” are blind 3 people or Defence down a single opponent (in addition to new status effect) so most likey, the second is more ice type effect.
But if you look on Green one’s, they’re suppose to have more attack down effect, but only Horshgall do that.

Another statistics is that Holy, Fire and Ice has both two heroes with the same kind of effect.
None has 3 of the same kind.