Skill berserker's

Skill berserker’s fury and skill battle cry they can not exist, be used together at the same time because they remove each other. Please fix that problem that this skills can exist, be used together in the battle game.

This is an intentional interaction, and I believe it would make Brienne too strong if they changed it. She is already a staple of 3* competition, so letting her stack with other attack buffs would make her even more dominant (like Wu Kong for 4*s).


Im not agree with your arguments

Agree or not, it is what it is. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Do you mean the skill from Boldtusk ‘Warcry’ or another one?

Sometimes ago Brienne used to stack with BT and Wu Kong.
It was the time when Athena not was yet nerfed, and people regulary deal more then 100k per hit on titans.

Aaah, that was the days :older_man:

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