Skill animation


Sometimes cause of too much skill animation is hard to see tiles on a titan where is crutial to be fast, especially with season 2 heroes. Any chance we can do the special skill animation off somewhere in the settings?


It´s very annoying to lose 2/3 seconds during a titan attack, cause of the animation. I´m totally agree with you.


When I hit with Zeline, I just tap and swipe randomly on the board, sometimes it works :slight_smile:


I need the new animation skill of legendary heroes improvement. Too many copies like 3* Ulmer and 5* Isarnia, 4* Skittleskul and 5* Horghall, 3* Jahangir and 4* Colen, etc. Too boring to watch.


Fancy skill animations are especially hurtful during titans… when they cover the board and you can’t pick your next move.

They are also quite painful to watch when I wake up in the middle of the night and play the game in a dark room to finish the chest.

Please let us turn them off.

Also, the attack animation of the season-2-moth-boss makes my phone stutter for quite a while (and it’s not a bad phone). I’ve heard other people in my alliance have QoL problems with that animation, too.