Ski-Ski Youtube Content -- That one enemy!

Hello all, it’s SKI-SKI. Who is that one enemy who is staring across the battlefield that puts a lump in your throat and your hands start to shake? The one you avoid at all costs because your have been their puppet in the past?

For me it would be Odin, Mother North, Garjammal, Affike, and Elizabeth

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None, due to having grown accustomed to suicidal tank bust attempts! :laughing:

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Any damn rogues. Classic Mariana bugs me more than Odin Frigg and Alfrike! Always leave her to the end and tile her.

Feel happy about most other enemies.

Maybe that pesky cKadilen…

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Probably only Frigg and to a lesser degree Morel at this point. Frigg’s counter is slow and I don’t have him (Theobald), and Morel with his fast speed has a leg up on Mits who is just a tad slower.

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Jf counters frigg just fine, has the right color and is fast, just saying :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Don’t have JF. Also I prefer making the defense do the hard work of killing themselves :joy:

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Costumed Kadilen is far and away the worst for me. Since she gives everyone the ability to dodge everything (save tile damage), even allowing them to dodge attempts to dispel her dodge buff, she’s impossible to handle once she fires.

You’re completely dependent on the board gods to deal with her, and that’s never fun.


I agree 100%. Nothing more frustrating than firing a special and everyone performs the electric slide to dodge it!!


Hello everyone. On my YouTube channel ski-ski, I trial different avenues of attacks and battles on Sunday I even do what’s called an underdog raid attack. It’s where I first trial three attacks with four vs five and then later on an additional three attacks with three vs five. By the most parts, it’s a losing uphill battle but it gives you an opportunity to pick your best three guys against five guys at your choice from the raid grouping.

I also have different videos pertaining to war preparation, war attacks, raids of solid color attacks, raids of multicolor attacks, underdog raid attacks, recruitment, titan attacks, and I’m going quests.

It’s a different perspective o. Empires and puzzles. You can laugh, cheer, boo, and celebrate with me on my adventures as you learn new things about the game!

Come one, come all!


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This was fun. Got a good board first time I tried it. I doubt you can get another team of 3 winning against a 4.6k TP team this quickly


Ever try what I call an Underdog Raid Attack where you attack five opponents with only three of your characters? It is usually a whooping but fun to attempt?!

@Homaclese would like to have a word with you

Ha… I saw this but I think I shared a 3-Elradir video with @SKI-SKI before so I refrained from dumping another on him

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I saw your post. I actually had a successful 3 on 5 just recently.

Sure what’s up? What can I help with?

Hey everyone! How well do you know your characters? Check out my Challenge where I perform 2 attacks without you seeing the attackers and see if you can guess who the five attackers are?


@SKI-SKI I have merged most of your threads into this one now to be a “master” of sorts for your youtube content.

This is the set-up we have asked all youtubers to adopt to avoid flooding the forum with many threads for each new video that a content creator makes.

If you have questions, please see the PM I sent you regarding this topic.

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Omg the title of this thread…I can’t :rofl: