Skewed tile drops


It’s not only you.
Me and other players in my alliance noticed the same thing the last few weeks. This was a topic in the chat just yesterday. The amount of unsuccessful raids is increased. I even get more victories as a defender when someone is attacking me. One day from 8 attacks against me I was winner in 7, and my defense team is not changed at all. When I checked the attackers, many of them had stronger teams than mine, so I’m sure that used stronger teams when they attacked me.
Also we are suspecting change of the mana generation for the heroes. In raids or titans. It’s look slower now. Fast mana heroes can’t fill their mana with 6 tiles.
It can’t be a coincidence many different players to have bad luck at the same time.


NPNKY was in the top 2k this week with a 3700 team. Are we supposed to be impressed with your top 100 position with your 4k team? That has nothing to do with anything. The fact is you are complaining about bad boards. In raids the boards are determined by the heroes you face. There is a random factor but you are missing the point entirely. Take it from someone that regularly beats 36-3700 teams with his little 3200 color stacked team and when 3600 players raid me I wake up with more cups.


why would anyone want to skin a cat? :thinking:


Bad boards are bad boards. It happens.


Count the tiles. Total each color. Those are average boards. Pay attention to the enemy colors. It’s not your hero colors that determine opening board ratio margins it is theirs. With luck it can skew either way but for the most part it will spawn predominantly weak color tiles when the defense color stacks.

I fought a 2 red 1 green 2 dark today with 2 blue 2 green one dark. It spawned mostly green and yellow tiles. Same for both rematches. It wasn’t my team make up it was theirs. It’s normal and the way it works.


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I edited my posts. The defense has the advantage on raids.


That I can respond to. I agree. The defense does, and I feel should have the advantage. Only my opinion, but defense players can’t control what happens. Giving them an advantage probably evens things out, just as adjusting the number of tiles on the opening board would. I don’t believe I’ve had over 80% of my opening boards (or more) to have lower numbers of tiles that are the color I’ve loaded up on. So far my stats show that. I’m almost to 100 raids using only my blue team. I’m not changiteams either. Always blue. The number is slightly higher than earlier but still low from what one would expect in a random draw system. 4.5. Maybe I should be happy when it was lower… I seemed to do better then. Dunno, I’m just keeping stats


Look at this crap board, only 2 yellow, just 2


Ok. Got your point but look at the red tiles :star_struck:


I’m having a really good laugh at your expense right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please go back and recount how many tiles are on a board :stuck_out_tongue:

4.16 is still less than you would expect. I guess I have some follow up thoughts:

  • how many heroes do you use for your “stacked” teams? Does it vary or is it 2 or 3 always / consistently?

  • you already said you’re not skipping any boards. Which is good, of course. Honestly. I guess I just don’t know how much I trust your counting at this exact moment :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Fwiw I haven’t noticed this in my own game play. But I don’t stack heroes in raids so maybe that’s a part of it.

  • I really think that if you want to “prove” this you need an effort from multiple people, over a long time… with some specifics as far as procedure.

  • can you hit the enter button when you start a new thought in the future? Those walls… are rough, man.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I would have to review the old thread some more… and just can’t right now.


I raided 15 times just now to see how things would go for me.

I used a 3 green hero team, along with red and purple.

I counted the green tiles on my opening board only.

i rerolled as needed until I matched against a rainbow team, since we are unsure if enemy team might play a role in opening boards - mad props @TylerDirtyn … seems you may have cracked open a long time mystery :slight_smile:

My results for green tiles on opening board:

Expected green tiles: 7
Actual green tiles: 7.1333

(Full acknowledgement that the sample size is exceedingly small.)


Interesting idea that the tiles are connected to the defending board, not yours.

Now I have to go play with it! :wink:


Here’s a couple more winners from today

Note the fairly even tile distribution due to rainbow team. It was an awesome board. I won in 8 moves.


Those 3 green tiles beg to differ. :slightly_smiling_face:

Definitely a great board, though!


This thread is more bonkers than I thought it was going to be! [gulps two MORE aspirin]
Two people scratching each other’s eyes out over virtually the same conspiracy theory on opening boards! The irony :smile: (also, glad we’ve all settled down a bit…thanks for that)
Everyone seems to be trying to force a reason for good or bad boards…either it is your hero’s, or the enemies, or your rank, or how many gems you’ve purchased this month… But what if, just maybe, the board is just doing what the board always does and splats tiles out at an AVERAGE of 7 per color over time? Why isn’t that the easiest conclusion?!
And I wish I could say this in a way that didn’t come off poorly, but, @Pobjaw, I simply don’t believe you are counting the tiles correctly on the opening board. 4.5 is so much lower than anyone else who has undertaken this task(and there have been MANY who all came to the same ±7 conclusion and have posted extensive results in forum). I hate looking at small sample screenshots but maybe post a few of your next Raids. NO CHERRY PICKING! :joy:
I just hope we haven’t lost @Rook down the rabbit hole of defense teams affecting the board…she was one of the good ones…[sniffle]
Enjoy your day.


I assure you of 2 things. I goofed up at the beginning and stayed there were 42 total tiles, and that every board is counted and kept track of. In my job if a miss a little detail, someone could easily die. I’m not one to miss details… I know I know, I missed the original tile count! Haha. Here is a screenshot of my last few raids on my second account.


Sorry about the other pics in there, but I am completely honest and didn’t want to pick a few out, instead all of them.
Above someone mentioned getting above 7 in 15 raids. I’ve got as high as 9 in a 10 raid streak, but overall I don’t seem to be leveling out. I’ve also got as low as 2.7 in a 10 raid streak. I guess that’s why we call them averages.
Also, I use my girls account as my second, because she doesn’t raid. Her numbers are higher than mine but I have too few to be giving out numbers. Everyone who thinks I’m full of it will take her 74 raids as fact and my 500+ as fluff. When I get to 1000 I will give all info and separate between the 2. I have no reason not anything to gain by faking these numbers. Like I said… they seem easy enough to get around


I tried to look at your photos but they don’t show yours or the opposing team


Prolly the individual photos show the whole screen; those look like thumbnails. :wink:

@hookR2 I like Rabbit holes! Where’s my Tinfoil hat?! Seriously, I don’t think the tiles are off, though I’ve certainly seen my share of “black dogs” (heh, sorry, Titan reference) to check the screen twice and with more scrutiny.