Skewed ratio of common heroes to uncommon in farming in past week

I noticed that I seem to be getting a lot of common heroes (1*) during farming compared to uncommon (2*). I just noticed last week and started keeping track. I received 112 heroes farming last week and only 18 were uncommon. Before I go off on a rant about how SG is evil, I want to know if others are experiencing this or if it is just a run of bad luck.

(112-18 )/ 112= 0.8392

is +12% ( base 0.75, see notes ) so normal RNG not even bad RNG


emphasis added


Thank you for the comment and for the link. I figured it was just RNG Doing its thing, but I figured I would ask for people who know more. Thanks again


It seems natural the something common would show up a lot more often than something uncommon.



Empires has lots of weird ratios.


Flat 10%

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