__Skeleton Clique__ Friendly alliance with 28 ACTIVE members looking for 2 Active daily players. 4100+ TP. 11/12* titans

We are a friendly group of 28 ACTIVE DAILY players that are serious about game play in a fun setting and have been together for over a year. We are looking for 2 new members to join us in Skeleton Clique that value communication, being kind and helpful to one another while kicking butt and taking names!

Minimum requirements
2000 cups
4100+ TP
10-15 leveled 5s
15-20 leveled 4
Use all titan flags
Use all War flags


We are a fun group. Come check us out. We like to communicate with each other, and a lot of information is shared. It is a great place to learn new things as well.

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We really have fun here, `and i cant wait to meet you.

I love our alliance!!!


I’ve been playing for about a month and have really started to enjoy the game. I play daily and have begun to progress to points where I know I need to join an alliance. While I am still green behind the ears I do have high level raiding experience from my time playing WOW.(years ago)
I am interested in your alliance but don’t know if I lack the experience your looking for? I am friendly and a quick learner, also willing to research fights if that’s a thing in this game.
I look forward to hearing back.
Lady Gwen

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Hi @LadyGwen!
If you are still looking for an alliance I would be glad for you to join us. We dont mind new players at all, we all have to start somewhere. As long as you are a daily player willing to grow and learn that is our main concern. Im not sure how many trophies you have, let me know so if i need to lower the trophy requirement for you to join I can. Hope to see you soon!

Yes we would love to have you.

How does optional war work out for you guys? Does matchmaking scale based on only those who participate?

we are fighting 8 stars now.

War being optional works great for us. Right now all of our members are on the field except for one. Warscore and matchmaking are based on the members who are participating in war.

Nice. I’ll think about joining…getting tired of missing Titans and losing wars due to lack of participation in my current alliance. Going to finish this war chest first

We are a fun and helpful group of people. Come check us out.

We would love to see your abilities against the titan, and although we love to help, we also love to learn, so come teach us a few things.

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GF is a great leader, and we have so many folks with many good tips in our alliance! :wink:

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Hi. Vry here from the alliance. I started playing Oct last year, and have been with this group since then. They have been everything supportive and more and we have loads of fun. So if you’re active and want to grow your team on the game, we look forward to seeing you soon!

War is optional. Line app is optional (but recommended because it’s useful and fun). Just be dedicated to hitting each titan.

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Thanks Vry! She’s the best!!! And has grown very rapidly in the game. I better watch out before she passes by me!!

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Hahahaha. Yes was a wee babe in game when you guys took me in and fed me titan loot. For the record, GF and Champ has been really dedicated to the alliance and we have great team culture. Our alliance chat are Uber fun as well.

Come check us out. You won’t regret it!

Just to recap base rules: War is optional. Line app is optional (but recommended because it’s useful and fun). Just be dedicated to hitting each titan.

Thanks Vry! We have a fantastic group here! Our core members are all dedicated and our new members are following the same path. Come grow with us!

Currently fighting an 8* Rare Dragon Rooster! Join us and lets take this cocktail down!!!

We’re doing really well on this one. 10h on the clock, and we are at 683,651/1,980k.

Come join the fun!

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