Skady or wu kong mana node

hi guys

do you think I should take skady all the way forward or take wu kong to plus 20?

can he be a fast hero with 20 level mana troops?

skady is at is cake kill every 4700 telly team with ease. i think at least


no one have anything smart to say?

To make a average speed hero fire in nine tiles, which is functionally similar to a fast hero, you need a level 23 mana troop, or bonuses which add up to the same amount (like mana nodes)

If you use Wu on Titans, it’s worth maximising his survivability with emblems. But generally I would prefer to emblem Skadi


so the last node will make him fast even with 19 mana troops?

why would you prefer one skady node then fast wui kong?

i myself use miky. but sometimes wu kong gives more satisfaction…

The last mana node on Wu will make him 9 tiles with a level 11 mana troop

If you have Miki, I would permanently retire Wu and strip his emblems


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