Skadi Stacks x G.Gazelle

Why the guardian gazelle dont remove stacks of skadi?

even if the hero dies he comes back with the stacks. This is so OP.

Cards are literal, so unless it specifically states it, they will not be included.

Gazelle’s card states:

As a stack is not a status effect, it isn’t included.


It make no sense to me

the Skadi deals ice damage and reduced mana generation. This is status effect and stacks shouldn’t make a difference.

we don’t have heroes who wipe stacks, making Skadi OP in this situation.

She doesnt have any counter in the game

You’re both correct and incorrect.

Yes it is very strong, but it is situational. No Minion Makers = minimal effect… If you see Skadi on Defence, simply don’t take minion makers along.

No, Status Effect is not the same as a Stack. If it was a status effect, it wouldn’t call it a stack… E.g. Crystalis frost damage… As I said, every card in this game is literal… It does exactly what it says. If it doesn’t say it, it won’t do it.

There is another partial counter… well two really. 1) the war equalizer effect. specifically says in its description that it removes stacks (another example of being literal). 2) the Slayer’s heroes family effect counters Skadi’s negative mana stack.


RAIDS, ok.
Tournament, ok

And minions war? Do you have any option against her? I dont Think so. The name of this War should be the SKADI WAR.

Have you ever played against her in those minion wars where skadi is active and you just don’t have what it takes to save your team? I’ve already lost many attacks that victory was on its way, but by an unfortunate combo the opposing skadi activated and killed my entire team in the following rounds without me being able to avoid.

Slayer family bonus only minimizes the problem IF you are using more than one. The team, but its other non-family heroes continue to be melted down turn after turn.

This to me is the same as saying that using healers solves the problem of Elizabeth and other heroes with similar skills.

Now they created the heroine to combat Elizabeth’s ability, this is a counter that works effectively.

not many but:
malosi blocks her stacks
blind, attack down, mana block, defense boost… they help making her much easier to face.

Edit: i forgot about mitsuko :slight_smile:


before it activates we have a lot of options, we all know. and after it activates? what is your option to reverse the damage per turn that has no end?

that’s what i mean and demonstrate

nothing much, you can resist it with healing and mana boost to make your team charge up normally and try to win before you die

one thing to keep in mind is that when an ally is revived they won’t have stacks, that’s a plus but obviously out of control XD

Don’t worry. I’m sure there will be heroes who remove stacks.


I believe heroes still come back with stacks. I didn’t test to verify, but my Magni revived with class talent and came back with stacks

i meant revivers like Alberich and i think tyr, Nadezhda and atomos

fighters keep all status ailments

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You mean only just about every attack (as in all 6 flags) :rofl:
My ally does War in the top 20 bracket of wars and do just fine. All about timing, strategy and little bit of luck.

My tips:

  1. target skadi. Like above everything else, get rid of her

  2. if you can’t get rid of her, use a taunter. Stops / minimises the effect

  3. trigger other defence heroes before skadi fires… Sounds kinda silly but forcing the enemy to fire before skadi will wipe the minions, thus saving you from the stacks… I usually try triggering Frigg / Odin / morel if they’re there and then cleansing the ailment in the next turn… Then skadi can fire and no harm done.

  4. never ever ever bring aditional minions along unless they have a specific role… Like Krampus is the only one I use against skadi and that’s cause he has taunt… Sometimes MoNo but not often…


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