Skadi stack despite Mitsuko reflect

How come Skadi stack goes through Mitsuko reflect? Is that supposed to be like that?

Should not be like that. I always use Mitsuko when AOE Ice heroes like Skadi are on raid defence. When Mitsuko’s Ice reflect is active, I just force tiles into Skadi to make her take the plunge.

Could it be that Skadi killed a minion/s with her special skill before Mitsuko put on the Ice reflect?

She did kill a minion but shouldnt that reflect since Vela water damage goes back on her?

Mitsuko would only reflect the Ice skills if her Mirror of Flames is active. If Skadi had placed the stacks before Mitsuko’s special skill activated, then I think it is working as intended.

So if QoH has taunt going with minion and Mitsuko reflect hits, then maybe taunt goes first and minion dies creating stack and then of course reflect kicks in?

I think so. I have read someplace that taunt takes priority in the order of skills taking place.

Still strange though cuz Mitsuko card says it should reflect all negative effects.

Do you have a video or screenshot of the match? So that we could see what happened.

Because you said that you both have QoH and Mitsuko active at the same time, right? Not sure anymore. :laughing:

Both active at the same time. I am trying to replicate it in raids right now

If Skadi is able to put stacks despite Mitsuko’s Ice reflect being active even with QoH’s taunt active at the same time, then it is a bug, probably. We just need proof of it. :grinning:

I tried it with regular minions and then there is no stack and she just dies. Can’t seem to replicate it with QoH again but maybe if someone is in beta they can. I just wasted 500k in food trying to find a stupid Skadi defense.

Or maybe staff can investigate easier?

I tried it again with minion team and this time the stack went back onto Skadi so that seems correct imo

Tried using vanda’s immunity special against skadi. It didn’t work either.

No, the only heroe that blocks Skadi stack effect is Malosi

I think it’s working as intended.

Stacks are different to status effects. So unless it makes specific mention of “stacks”, the special skill won’t block / negate Skadi effect.

I use Mitsuko a great deal… the only way I can see this happening is:

  1. Mitsuko activates special
  2. Some hero creates a minion on Skadi
  3. Skadi activates special, reflects off, kills minion

At this point where does the stack appear? On Skadi or on whichever hero’s reflection killed the minion?

The special is explicit, saying that “all enemies” get a stack, and as Guvnor says, stacks are special.

Partial Dispell maybe? If there was say a seshat on defence who partially dispelled mitsuko buff, skadi’s damage would have hit and applied to those heroes. Then the stack generated would apply to all of the team

Certainly. I really hate Seshat in left wing when running Mitsuko!

I have tested in extensively after the first weird time when stack appeared on my heroes and now the stack is ending up on Skadi. There was no Seshat on that defense so it was quite odd. I tried it with QoH and Mitsuko and Queen minion dies and Skadi gets a 1 stack now so I guess working ok. Usually never run taunt and reflect together but it was for tournament. No video on initial hit though.

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