SKADI Special

SKADI special is not working on enemies

Can you elaborate on some key details or provide screenshots ?

Which of her effects did not “work”?

What did the defense look like as well as your team.

Were there any buffs or protection applied to the defense when Skadi fire?

Anything else you can provide will really help if you seek answers…


I dont currently have screenshots. But Skadi’s special doesnt work as intended. The all enemies strike works. I’m not sure about the 50% added damage per enemy killed.

The stacks are the main issue with her special. It doesn’t work in any situation thus far. I’ve tried it in raids, wars, and in PvE. It doesn’t count the dead enemies as stacks. So her special is very weak without the added bonus of the stacks. I will try to get screen shots.

The stacks are only applied when she kills a hero or a minion with her special. The best use of Skadi is against minion users. Her special is quite powerful (at 4.80), so her hit can usually take out one set of minion. So, suppose she kills 5 minions, all enemies will receive 150 (5 x 30) frost damage per turn and will have -30% (-6 x 5) mana debuff for the rest of the game.


Ah, yeah I just tried it on the event. It worked as intended. I didnt know the stacks were attached to her kills only. What about between rounds are the stacks supposed to carry over? In PvE. Currently they do not I noticed.

The stacks are applied on the enemies themselves. Think of it like status effects (blind, poison, burn, etc). Once the enemies are dead the effects are gone. So, it does not carry over to the next round.

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