📯 Skadi – New Season 3 Hero – 5* Ice/Blue: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Hello. I have Skadi at +20, all-attack path. I tried using the team composition I have seen in your videos against minion teams. I don’t have Zocc though, so I used Merlin as substitute. Thus, I have C. Kiril - Skadi - C. Rigard - C. Melendor - Merlin on my team.

As a result, I was able to push for Global Top 100 for the first time. :grinning:

So, thanks for sharing your strategy in using Skadi. :sunglasses:

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That makes me happy to hear - now that’s what this forum is about! Well done and congratulations.
Skadi is not a certain win against minions particularly with different formations and supporting heroes such as sif garnet (and other ninjas) c kadolen bk krampus… but she gives you the means to win any such configuration provided you choose your team appropriately play well and have a small amount of luck

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I did this in the tourney running mono blue and it worked well… until I hit krampus tanks without a dispeller (I don’t count Sonya she died almost instantly as I don’t have her emblemed). But yes fire skadi when there are dead heroes and she is still quite effective particularly with buffs and debuffs

Thank you! I have also used Skadi in this bloody battle tournament for both offence and defence. Currently sitting at Top 1%, and defence is A rating all week.

Skadi is basically worthless if she doesn’t have emblems on full attack path. She quite simply cannot kill the top meta minions, even when paired with c Kiril or other defense debuffers. So, if you are going to ascend this lady, be sure you have monk emblems!

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One of the best pairings is actually with a beserker hero.

Because all the minion strikes count as a “hit” on the beserk mode, you can jack Skadi’s attack up REALLY quick by just allowing the minions to hit a turn or two before wiping them out.

So synergises really well with Khiona, BK or Brienne :stuck_out_tongue: (just an alternative)


Hmmm, nice info! Wish I had a decent berserker. Not sure Brienne can hang against the diamond level top teams long enough to fire. I think I need to combo a buffer like Glenda/regular Kiril/C. Rigard/etc… with a defense debuffer for maximum effect.

She also pairs well with vela if your skadi is not emblemed.
With emblems full attack she kills most of the time all minions under cKiril debuff. Sometimes one of bera or freya minion miraculously survive but that’s rare.

Was wondering the same for some time.
Most of the time those are either clerics who resisted the def down from kiril, then the minion often survives with little health, or they are Rouge and dodge skadi and the minion survives with full health.

When Skadi charges juuuust in the nick of time. :wink:


Just got lucky enough to summon Skadi! Been reading a lot about her and the essence is that she needs to do damage in order to be useful.

cKiril sounds like a perfect pairing with her.

I was thinking, should it be worth to replace a high lv mana troop with a high lv ninja troop? Ninja troops have a lot higher attack stat than mana troops. Would it be worth the trade-off?

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No. 9 tiles to fire is much more important than atk. Skadi has as much atk as she needs by just embleming her for atk. cKiril just makes it all of the easier to kill even Freya minions in a single go

Freya and bera minions both. She can’t really do it without him or an equivalent d down or super a up like gazelle

I guess without Kiril or cKiril Vela was getting the job done for me, but no doubt cKiril/Skadi was better (plus you don’t have to bring Vela)

So skadi gets an extra stack from it?
I don’t think i understand correctly

Started using Krampus with Skadi and love the results. Krampus attack boost is higher than Kiril not mention his taunt usually means you can fire Skadi twice.


No, Beserk buff = +bonus attack per each “hit” they take.
Every minion strike counts as a “hit”, so you can get Skadi’s attack stat boosted up really high by allowing the minions to have 1-2 turns of striking you before firing skadi off.


That’s a great idea. Still bring three other healers and Krampus… I’ll give that a try.

I have a question.
Can Skadi flip Slayer’s increase mana regen stack ?

Yes. Works like this:

  • Slayer has 10 stacks of mana regen;
  • Skadi performs her specials and kills 5 minions;
  • Slayer now has only 5 stacks of mana regen;
  • Everyone else has 5 stacks of mana slow;

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