📯 Skadi – New Season 3 Hero – 5* Ice/Blue: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Add Delilah. I still want her even if Skadi obliterates her. At least she’s appealing to look at instead of the Goddess of the PEDs. She scares me a ton.

she seems underwhelemed 5star hero, but i really wanna get her for my collection the one and only bulky Skadi!!!

Vs minion summoner tank she is lost OP hero in the game

A maxed skadi does approx. 50-60 permanent dot damage per minion/hero killed. That is alot. İ had only 30 in mind when i realized that troop and defense bonus increases that amount.

I would max lord loki first for offense, followed closely by cobalt.

In attack with level 17 troop it is 42/minion. Anything above 150 (i.e. 4 minions+) is generally a death sentence for the opponent

I’d max Cobalt first. I have both maxed and kept Cobalt at +18 over Loki. Cobalt is so damn good and he’s an excellent fit for the wizard class; he’s got a very high chance to bypass and a decent chance to deal extra damage for every single buff, which is just a great bonus over his already high base damage. Finally, pair him with Finley or costume Magni and you can absolutely decimate teams—it’s so fun :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Just sharing here my video of Skadi in action :grinning:

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I pulled her on december looking for Lord Loki… I was sad that day… because I wanted him, not her. Now, I can say that this heroe changed my game, her attack is really devastating… helped only with healers to stay alive… here is her power


I run her in a similar war but paired with c kiril so that she can take out bera and freya minions too


I think c Kiril is her best pairing. You want defense down in same color and all others deal damage first which isn’t good. :ok_hand:t2:

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I agree with this, costumed Kiril is her best tandem in a team. He casts defence down and attack down on all enemies, making Skadi’s Iceberg Crush potentially stronger to kill more minions.

I tried pairing Skadi with Grimm. However, Grimm deals damage with his defence down skill, so Skadi loses minions to kill, reducing the effectiveness of her special skill

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I change mine up based on color of tank. I agree C-Kiril is best but C-Rigard, Boldtusk, etc… also work but boosting the attack up and dealing no damage. A combo of D-Down and A-Up is really nice!

Any attack up or defense down will help, but it’s very nice to have those effects in blue so it’s basically guaranteed they’ll be ready when Skadi is, except in the case of death or selective mana delay.


This way she is assured to get a good enough hit on either bera od freya tp close to guaranteeing a win. Totally negates freyas special for their whole team too

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Is there no way to remove Skadi’s stack. She just wore me down and beat me with all that passive damage (100 per turn because I killed the rest of the team). I couldn’t heal the problem away

Yes there is. You just have to die and it will be cleansed

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Ghost-form heroes can remove her stack

Ugh! Thank you. I hate Stonecleave but leveled one on a whim

Let me give this technique some thought

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