📯 Skadi – New Season 3 Hero – 5* Ice/Blue: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

In theory you could time it so that the order of events went:

  1. allow enemy Telluria / minion maker to get CLOSE to full mana
  2. fire Issy
  3. allow / push enemy to fully charged mana
  4. enemy fires off skill making minions
  5. fire Skadi

Could then make use of the Def Down and whatnot.

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Yeah, quite hard to do with mono team and different mana speed but I could try to play a little with the mana troops…

The healer team build does work with the 4* healers if you don’t have 5*, though you’ll probably want emblems on them for consistency


Didn’t talk about it in the video, but the rainbow build (and Skadi in general) is likely very strong for Atk buff, Minion, and VFast wars. Will be awful for arrow wars due to the arrows likely outpacing the sustain from your healers. Will be awful for war equalizer for obvious reasons. Will be less useful in heal wars due to the heals negating a lot of the stack damage.

This was her first war for me, as I just maxed her and she definitely performed every bit as well as expected and then some.

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Yep…even better if you just bring a costumed Kiril. He drops the defense down but doesn’t do any damage that would kill a minion(s). I pair those two and can get my 3/70 Skadi to kill up to 8 minions in one go.

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Agree here - my two cents is that skadi against telluria should only be paired with kiril / c kiril, if using any other blues.

Rationale here - if you get 9/10 blue tiles to
Match with 1 or 2 waves of telluria’s minions, it’s generally game over. The extra tile damage from the stack is overkill at that point. Better to go 3-2, or 3-1-1 with skadi as an off color to give yourself more chances to win.

For me, C rigard and malosi are must haves as well against tell. Then the other 2 heroes are bonus

It is worth noting that Skadi does not need any kind of atk buffer or def debuffer to kill minions. On her own she pretty easily eats through 1-2 minions per hero, and 4-5 stacks is more than enough to easily win most matches

Have you applied any emblems?

+7 but played with her from the time she was ~4/40 or so, and she was still capable of killing 1-2 rows of telluria minions. Also, where possible I’m going durability over attack. She needs to survive and fire far more than she needs a tiny bit of damage

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Agreed…but when she is 3:70, like mine, it’s almost a must.

I went attack all the way to boost her stack DoT - it’s not a huge difference, but without troops, my +19 Skadi is 34 per, vs 30 per on the card. On a 5 stack, it’s an extra 20 per turn. Might not be worth it, but fun seeing those big damage numbers each turn!

Yeah, I did that same math and saw how little of a difference it truly makes per turn. Figured it wasn’t worth it after trying to guesstimate how often that extra 20 damage will be a difference maker vs how often the extra durability could keep her alive to actually fire at all.

With monk though there honestly isn’t much difference between atk path and def path. Maybe like 2x hearts and 1 shield vs 3 swords difference

Makes sense! I did the same for lady locke as well - somewhat regret not going more def for her as well. Something about seeing higher DoT numbers just gets me excited!

Not blue mono, but for rainbow teams:

I am using her with C-Viv. Since she does not do damage she is absolutely perfect teammate for Skadi. So is Heimdall or other heroes that buff attack without dealing damage (C-Rigard etc.).

bit still there are the purple lady minions that are bulkier

My Skadi is still at 3/47, yet she is very strong in this minion war. The enemy heroes just melted away with her uncleanseable stacks. :grinning:

I can’t wait to max and emblem her.


You probably haven’t read her special skills properly. She is an amazing hero if used against the right teams - minion maker teams.

  1. She doesn’t give minions- that’s not in her description.
  2. Her stack is applied only if she kills the enemy or the enemy minions.

Here’s the tip for u how to use skadi properly.

  1. Search telluria tank
  2. Build up skadi special until she is ready to fire, hold on the special, don’t fire it yet
  3. Let telluria cast her special so she gave minions to her allies
  4. Cast skadi special so her specials give opponent stack for each tellurians minions killed.
  5. Voila now u know how to use skadi properly


If u know how skadi stack perform, then u can search any minion makers then let skadi kill all the minions with her specials


Is there Already of telly substitutes?
I mean that not every minion is killed by skadi at once. (e. g. Freya doesnt work for me.)
I was thinking it Should be come easy to have a list of ennemies where skadi van Kill the minion.

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