📯 Skadi – New Season 3 Hero – 5* Ice/Blue: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Skadi is now powerful.

Was raiding against a team with Skadi in the wing. Had the raid won (two dead enemies, all my team standing and healer about to fire), wanted to see Skadi work, lost the raid.

Skadi +17 / Kage+18 / Elena-C +15 / Telly +16 / Kunch +11

Had Kage and Elena dead. Fired my Delilah for heal and provoked Skadi to fire.
She killed my minions leaving 243 Frost Damage per turn. Kunchen fired, I had no tiles, Telly fired and then tiles were not enough to kill the enemies they hit, didn’t charge my heroes and my team pretty much dropped dead (I charged my Kage but he died before firing, Hel same thing the next round).

If Skadi has a chance to kill a lot of the weaker minions she will wreck teams. Telly’s minions are beefy enough that Skadi will kill just one on each hero but if those little upcoming elemental link minions are up, she’ll chew them all up. PnB’s mice.

Skadi is now on the better side whereas before she looked poor.

That’s the thing, she’s only relevant for telly minions now. Noor’s minions are not killed i think (not at 3.70 this is).

To what elemental link minions are you refering to?
I’m just afraid her usage is very limited.
Lets hope some bosses in s3 does get minions also :slight_smile:

The next wave of HOTM have an elemental link that gives a minion with 5% health, 5% attack to each hero of the same element. These will easily be destroyed by Skadi, but likely only a defensive benefit…maybe on offense you’ll get to kill one once in a while.

Exactly, the next wave of HotMs will have tiny minions.

Skadi will be able to wipe out three deep and absolutely crush any team with a lot of them. The meek minions appear to be a bad idea… I do NOT like them, they’ll push out better minions as well.

Safe to say that Skadi went from being a hero I couldn’t care less about to being a hero that I would very much like to have in my team. Not enough to go on a spending spree but certainly would have a big grin if her image showed up in the summon gate.

Have to admit I really didn’t know what Skadi did when I got her. Looked her up on YouTube and she looks like she will be very useful in wars and raids against Telluria. I usually run a 3-2 team so she will fit in nicely.

After raiding with the new version a bunch, I’d say that I’ve been winning about 80% of my raids against Telly tank teams, with:

C rigard +19, Grimble, malosi, skadi, vela+19

My losses have usually been when I get a bad starting board and can’t get rigard/Grimble combo to fire after vela hits me. Or, if a sniper takes out Skadi early on.

Otherwise, it’s easy enough to get a skadi 5 stack, and then all you have to do is ghost tiles and the other team dies after 5-7 turns.

It’s crazy, but I find myself regularly spamming telluria with tiles now.

Can’t wait for the next wave of HoTMs to come out so she can Skadi Smash those puny minions!

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Agree wholeheartedly! My Skadi is only 3/70 and as long as she doesn’t get killed before I can stack I win! Got a 10-stack earlier and it was fantastic.


I’m actually disappointed when I kill her (usually by accident), LOL!

I never reached 10 stack. How did you do it? I think you Already have to let telly twice.
If I stack Already 6 then i never reach any more because they already are so slow and don’t fire that much anymore

I’ve used Skadi in some raids and when a fighter class revives the stacks are still there.

Yeah, it’s hard to get more than 5-6 really. I got lucky on this one…Telly fires twice and I was able to get 6 off that, then Vela sprouted a Druid minion or two and I also killed a couple low health enemies outright with Skadi’s special to get it to 10. The truth is: once you get it to 5ish on the stack you’ve won anyways.

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I only have her at 3-70 currently, but have managed to get a 10 stack in 1 hit. Telluria had gone off once then I had a fortunate cascade that charged Telluria up again and all of my heroes also. Used Black Knight and Wilbur for attack up and defense down. After that I just had to wait lol. Can’t wait to max her out.

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Just found a fully emblemed skadi in raids… beast mode for sure…

Did 400 damage to each hero on regular special (for example - Joon with 17 emblems hit for 393), and DoT stack was 49 per killed hero or minion!

Fwiw- art/def/health line was 932/1017/1627. I know she’s not fast, but might be a suitable def sub for vela (and most any other!)

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I love Skadi. Finally got a full 10 stack. Mine is +6 on emblems with lvl 10 crit troops (no blue mana troops). Was doing 360 damage each turn. I was struggling for a bit. Managed to kill 5 minions. Slowed the enemy down but still losing. Managed to charge her again and got another 5 minions. Won the match. hehe.

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