📯 Skadi – New Season 3 Hero – 5* Ice/Blue: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

That’s absolutely incorrect, unless it’s a bug…
Vivica can’t remove Skadi’s stacks.


I had Ariel…I figure is she can’t remove it, vivica can’t.


I tend to to pair Vela and Skadi. Velas initial attack don’t kill the minions, water + ice DoT

Icing on the cake, Velas attack down and elemental link

Double formation with twin Bera/Freya tanks seems to have been designed sprecifically with Skadi in mind…

@Chadmo another good example

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It’s off-topic there so:

A whole team huh? My Skadi doesn’t need help surviving, or killing minions.
Go troops!

She has 4 allies and doesn’t win matches single-handedly. But like Finley. I can play around with the 4 allies and not have to make a whole team around her. I will play around with a different damage booster from time to time. Just for Bera. But most of the time I’m packing one of those anyway. And it’s usually Skadi who becomes the addition. I’ll swap out Magni.

I don’t understand why you have to dedicate 4 heroes to your Skadi. That’s terrible, but… maybe fun too? Whatever’s clever I guess

The match is won when the following happens:

  • 9 blue tiles (assuming no mana delays)
  • C Kiril survives to defense down. Quite a few people have noted that a maxed Skadi won’t kill Freya and Bera minions without a defense down. I wouldn’t have thought the troops would make that much differene - I would very much appreciate if you could record a video where you show your Skadi killing fresh Freya and Bera minions without a defense down in play, that will be very instructional
  • 9 green tiles for C Melendor to fire, assuming enemy has fired a Vanda or Krampus or BK or Sif or any other hero that prevents the full attack from Skadi killing at least one minion each hero

So C Kiril is a must. C Melendor is a must (I learned of his value thanks to your challenge, so a nod your way there). The other 2 heroes help the above happen by keeping everyone alive (Zocc negates the most dangerous specials incoming).

Great watch. Yeah I think C Kiril and Skadi must be attached at the hip.

At the moment there are 3, maybe 4 teams skadi can’t beat guaranteed without help(noor, freya, bera and a team with krampus/mother north/Santa can also make problems, but I think I have faced such a team maybe once or twice) .
And that’s always with manatroops on both, your skadi and the opponent, with a crit troop you can forget it. Also my skadi is full attack path and max manatroop.

First of all Noor. That’s at the moment the only one skadi won’t be able to kill at all.
Minions around 400Hp are impossible for her without support, her damage comes nowhere close to that.


And there are freya and bera. Bera is probably the harder one, her minions are a little bit more sturdy around 325Hp and freya around 320Hp. In reality you won’t face many max freya minions, one Hp point is behind heal, most people choose the other side with attack and def. Also it seems more people choose some attack for freya while bera is more often full def/Hp build. So in reality you often face freya minions under 300Hp and bera with over 300.
It mostly depends what else is used with them, if there are some def monster heroes with them you probably won’t kill any minions with weaker heroes you have a higher chance. Most of the time I can kill maybe 2-3 freya minions without any buffs and 0-3 bera if I get lucky.
Skadi / Bera

Those bera minions have 318Hp, skadi kills some already damaged ones and would only have killed one minion with full health. She does 332Hp damage against Athena. So yes she can kill some bera minions without any buff, but you need a little bit luck, damage isn’t always the same and you need some opponents with low defense.
It seems, that the border is somewhere around 800 def. On heroes with lower def bera and freya minions will die, on heroes with higher def they won’t most of the time.

This freya is full attack, but with a crit troop, so something in the middle. Minions with 283Hp, they could be harder, but with a manatroop and full HP they wouldn’t be much sturdier.
First hit is with freyas def+, it’s close but not enough. But without any buffs on both sides the second hit she kills all minions, on lianna even more than one. But it was again really close.

So yeah you don’t need any support to kill some minions from all summoners except noor, but most of the time some attack + or deff down is needed to kill all minions with guarantee. Or take some other Aoe heroes with you and fire them before. A weakened minion will also die through skadi without any buffs.


Nice write up. I realy can’t see how you can guarantee 5 minion kills on Freya/Bera without a defense down - hopefully @Pompitous will provide a video of how his Skadi + 7 is achieving this. I find that even C Rig’s attack up is not always enough, hence C Kiril is my go-to now. IReading through your analysis I am thinking Vela might actually have good synergy with Skadi - her up-front hit should be weak enough to not kill any minions but storng enough to ensure Skadi will finish them off. Plus the DOT, plus the attack down… I might give it a try in place of C Kiril just to see. Would need to ensure tight timing so that the DOT doesn’t activate before Skadi goes off.

In regards to winning the match - 210 frost damage gives you about a 95% chance of finishing the victor, unless you are significantly weakened already. That is the tipping point I aim for - 1 minion per summoner. Anything above that brings you closer to the 100% guarantee. 42 or 84 (1 or 2 minions) won’t do much at all. 126 or 168 (3 or 4 minions) gives you a decent chance but you still have to play very carefully. This is why if i can’t get a good hit then I will often hold it until the opportunity is there, although this obviously runs the risk of backfiring with a Skadi or C Kiril premature death/

It’s definitely not necessary to dedicate an entire team around Skadi, and I’m sure I run her offensively quite differently than most since I run her with Bera in the tank position. I will say that yes Freya’s and Bera’s minions can be problematic since they are beefy, but that said it doesn’t mean I avoid them just attack them differently.

My current attack team is as follows:

cRigard, Cobalt +20, Bera +19, Skadi +20, Onyx +13

For some reason I never bothered with Kiril (an oversight I will definitely remedy as well as getting some emblems on Rigard), but I actually seek out multiple summoner teams and do very well against them. I’ll also admit though that I didn’t really expect this team to work as I was really just experimenting.

This team allows me a great deal of flexibility depending on how the board plays out. Sometimes it works out that I can fire off Skadi buffed by cRigard against Bera/Freya, if not then Bera is typically charged and I can go the route of simply blocking them. With Onyx I don’t typically have any issues with BK or Krampus as a single charge hit can disable/prevent taunt. Against multiple summoner teams I often intentionally throw tiles at Krampus/Tell and even Santa (if cRigard is charged) so I can fire Skadi against their minions followed by Bera on the same turn to prevent an opponents Bera or Freya from summoning. (As I type this I’m realizing I should probably fully ascend Zocc)

Anyway I’ve gone on long enough, but there are tons of ways to use Skadi and she’s basically ridiculous. My method isn’t simple as you have to be paying very close attention, but I was briefly able to hit the overall rank of 10 in raid (screenshot shows my defense team not attk & Bera was +18 then) for all of 5-6 minutes last Friday with this same attack team with a total power score of 4460. I know it doesn’t count for much since it was so short, but I’ve never been able to rank that high with 4700+ teams either.

I believe he can down Bera’s, but not Freya’s unless he is dispelling or overwriting her defense up. In any case, why wouldn’t you bring C Kiril at ALL TIMES with Skadi to make your life easier?

C Kiril has perfect synergy with Skadi and to date I have taken them together every raid that she comes out.

However if I do try out Vela and she works out I may consider keeping him on the bench as I like to run as many different colors as I can, and C Rig, C Melendor and Zocc are all vital in my Skadi team

It is quite conditional - depending on the defense of the heroes, and the RNG aspect of the attack. Where Skadi is not able to take out 5 minions the battle can get pretty scrappy and will not always go my way, so I try to set up the environment so I can get an optimal hit out

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Your strategy makes sense, and is valid. I did think that Skadi is powerful enough that you can run her in a dedicated team (as I am doing) but you can also use her as one of 2 or 3 different weapons in the same team.

I got to #2 in raids 1-2 weeks back and that was using Skadi in at least half of the teams I was running. It would have been more, but I was not allowed to skip any defenses as part of a challenge, and Skadi is not very useful with teams with no minions

I already told you…

I will tell you again:
No defense down

It’s ok if you believe that all heroes need an entire team built around them.
I believe some heroes need much more help than others. And that Skadi is not one of those… but go ahead! Use more team slots for that extra oomf. I don’t care. Just stop pinging me.
nevermind. Ping away. I won’t see them anymore. Have a good one

In summary this shows that Skadi cannot reliably kill Freya or Bera minions without a strong attack buffer (such as is used in these videos) or a defense down as support. This is regardless of whether she is at max emblem attack path or with max troops.

Without this support you risk killing 1, 2 or even 0 minions and this sets you up with a large chance of losing the raid.

To me, 3-4 minions killed is the worst outcome. The frost damage is just enough to kill any subsequent minions summoned, so you won’t have a chance to apply any more stacks. With just 1-2 minions killed however, there will likely be some minions alive if you can get Skadi to fire again.

That’s what happened to me on this raid:

The first time I fired Kiril + Skadi, I only got 2 stacks. Frigg dodged the damage, so her minion survived. Also, Odin had defense up from his paladin skill, so his survived. Then, I think Finley’s minion also barely survived. My healers kept me alive long enough to charge Kiril + Skadi again, and this time I killed 5 minions - for a total of 7 stacks, which is game over.

After reading this thread, I’ve been experimenting with different Skadi combinations, and she definitely needs support - whether it is an attack buffer or defense debuffer - against the strongest minions. But with that support, she can win a raid by herself.

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I agree 100%.

That said don’t sleep on using Skadi offensively against non-minion teams teams either. Yes, minions are her bread & butter, but she can also be a solid finisher when you run her with a VF/F team. I can’t count how many times a board didn’t go anywhere close to my way and I’m left facing two charged wings with less than 10% hp each and my charged Skadi with her scalable damage hits them for 580-600+ damage and saves the match.

Even when she is down she’s not out.


Hello. I have Skadi at +20, all-attack path. I tried using the team composition I have seen in your videos against minion teams. I don’t have Zocc though, so I used Merlin as substitute. Thus, I have C. Kiril - Skadi - C. Rigard - C. Melendor - Merlin on my team.

As a result, I was able to push for Global Top 100 for the first time. :grinning:

So, thanks for sharing your strategy in using Skadi. :sunglasses:

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That makes me happy to hear - now that’s what this forum is about! Well done and congratulations.
Skadi is not a certain win against minions particularly with different formations and supporting heroes such as sif garnet (and other ninjas) c kadolen bk krampus… but she gives you the means to win any such configuration provided you choose your team appropriately play well and have a small amount of luck

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