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made some preliminary callculations myself:


I had already completed all TC20’s when VIP started…i bounced between bldgs that needed iron (forges, farms) and those that needed food (watchtower) to be able to use both VIP builders when my iron content wasn’t enough for two high level buildings.

When I stopped, my houses were at lvl 16, I had a Forge at 19, a Barracks at 6, but everything else was built. Am slowly but surely finishing off the houses etc.

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Any thoughts regarding my situation? :smiley:

Stagger your iron mines and TC’s? I think of TC’s as most important, but you need more iron over all with which to build.

You may consider just leveling your Stronghold (and maybe iron mines or watchtower) to max so you can build everything else.

I’m not as precise as you. :slight_smile:

There is no getting around the fact that the final run for TC20 is time consuming. I didn’t see an allowance for TC20 research in your plan. Once TC20 is built you have 7 days of research requiring 1,323,000 food so you will have time food storage upgrades to coincide.

You can pause farms and mines at 15 while you get your TCs to TC11, TC11, TC19, TC20. Once TC20 is running I would go back to farms (leveling costs a lot of food and we wish you the best for TC20) so you’re going to need it. Once you have 4 TCs you will find iron to be less of an issue. In fact you will most likely have to dump some iron crafting battle items to keep from over filling your storage.

Houses you need storage for 101 recruits, food storage 1,323,000 both easily built during TC20 research (7 days).

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I am confused by your goal.

Tips I was told:

Upgrade your Watchtower along with your Stronghold, it produces a lot of iron & food.

Finish as much of season 1 as you can to boost your Watchtower.

Upgrade one training camp along with your Stronghold so you don’t end up with a Stronghold 20 and all camps at 11.

Stronghold 20 unlocks a camp, recruits storage, food storage, and a farm. Buying a one month VIP Pass for this part can help manage builders.

When low on iron, upgrade your mines.

Don’t over build your recruit storage and food storage since you get another of each.

See also
[Analysis, Math] Minimum buildings for Training Camp 20

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Crafting items as a temp iron bank - already did that a few times.

I have 3 tcs right now - 6, 11, 13… 11 is 4 recruits 13 is for food.
I am thunking of gettingt tc6 to 19… Make it 20
So 20 becomes food bank.
Tc 13 will be in time the second tc20. And the 4th tc unlocked will be tc11max
In the end 2 tc11 and 2 tc20. Until all other buildings are maxed
1 tc 11 will probably produce with tc2 when backpacks available… And maybe specific color if needed.

Yup. Most of the stuff you copied i already did - except tc upgrade side by side with sh.
Wt14. Season 1- province 23

If you want and have time look at my exact sittuation.

Goal is to get a tc20 running asap without losing iron.

Suggested TC Upgrade pretty much what you said already:
TC6 to TC20 (move food/recruits to TC20)
TC13 to TC19

If you have two builders do this in parallel only upgrading TCs (banking recruits in TC11 and food in TC20). TC19 will give you a burst of experience but will cost you on the food side (5.5K per 1* recruit). If you are very unlucky with TC20 take TC19 to TC20. If you stagger them you get an epic summons every day.

Point of interest on food. You need food to convert backpacks, clothes and swords. But you also need food to feed those heroes to your 4&5*. It takes between 12 and 22 million to feed a 5* to level 80 (12 all 2* feeders 22 all 1* feeders). A realistic estimate is somewhere around 17 million. Early game up to TC20 it is all about the iron. However, after TC20 it’s all about the food.

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You won’t be able to build TC20 until SH20 is complete, so it’s a moot point

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Build SH20 with one builder and work on bringing your lower level TCs to 11 while you finish the stronghold. Then you can build TC20.

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To summarise it:
While building sh20 I dont wanna build long term buildings - 2d - like tc17, 18, 19 and lose iron
But in the same time i wanna get a tc20 producing asap

I’ll have to make some calculations on my given situation and decide the best course to take.

Thank you all for advices! :wink:

guess I decided…

best is to go on and have a whole week one builder ocupied asap so i have smaller, as time consuming and big as iron now, than later with bigger time consuming for builder 2

hopefully farms, food storage and tc 8>13/14 will keep builder 2 spending iron until builder one finishes sh20 and dont lose much iron in the process (meaning making arrows :p)

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I upgrade my SH and as that takes its time to complete I pump up the iron storage, when I get to the point where I’m saving the iron to do the next SH I dump food into the iron mines.

The camps are just going to get the same focus as soon as I get level 18 iron mines it will all be camps getting the bump and then the research with the food when I’m saving iron to build the big camp

I saw that upgrading the watchtower brings more iron than upgrading mines
Plus iron production isnt stopping
Downside is you have to go as far as you can in season 1 so you have as many outposts as you can.

If you have enough food storage try bringing wt to lvl 15.

P.S. just started building SH20 :stuck_out_tongue:
Well 3 hours ago. Just after last 18st finished. As planned :smile:


Very nice!

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