🧭 Sixth Path of Valor (Valour; PoV6) Log and Discussion – Starts Nov 23

You completed it…that is it…


Anyone wondering why @Monkey20 has 52 Titans when the PoV lasts 50 days?

It’s because Titans appear every 23 hours so there’s 50 hours extra giving time for 2 more :grin: (or 3 if you are really, really, really lucky with timing :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: )

Nice chart :+1:, I use something similar to see where I think I can get.

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You can also use my google spreadsheet form to keep track of your progress in (near) real time. Simply make a copy and input your values in the form: Path of Valor progress sheet

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PoV 7 looks to be starting on the 18th of Jan. I’ll have a new PoV thread up and running in the next day or two. Hopefully


Which is great news as some calendars had the best guess start date as the 25th.

Starting on the 18th should mean that the Masquerade is included, so a running start to the “Summon X Heroes” challenge for many people (myself included :grin:)

Let’s hope that Masquerade doesn’t move and there is a “Summon X Heroes” challenge this time !!


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