🛡 SIXTH ELEMENT now recruiting - 3 spots open!

4 more spots available in our main alliance…

Come and join our crazy, quirky, fun, casually active alliance :slight_smile:


Post bump…up up up, all the way to the top! :slight_smile:

We currently have 4 spots available for anyone looking for a new home…

Please come and check us out!


Gentle post bump…

We’re looking for new members to join our crazy bunch.

Use of ALL flags is required for Wars (if opted in) and minimum 5 flags / 80K damage on Titans, we use Discord as a means of out-of-game comms between members.

Chat to us for more information:

Discord IDs
( @KWScott ): Kevin W. Scott#0807
( @Neano ): Neano#8402
( @jeneralista ): jeneralista#4967

:shield: We look forward to hearing from you! :shield:

A little hip check to the top.

Just here to bump my friends…cool bunch, join them!

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