🛡 SIXTH ELEMENT - currently looking for 2 new members!

Hello Everyone,

Are you an EnP addict who loves to play the game everyday and have a desire to grow stronger? Then SIXTH ELEMENT might just be the right place for you! We are an English speaking alliance with members from all over the world, from USA to Australia.

We are mostly F2P/C2P players, so if you are one of them you will feel right at home. We have the following requirements in place to ensure full teamwork and cooperation, so that everyone is able to grow stronger together.

We offer:

  • A stable community with long history.
  • Increased fun! E&P won’t feel repetitive.
  • Very active Discord with all the information you could need to help improve your gaming experience.
  • Advice from players - both current and former alliance members.
  • A well planned and dedicated War strategy.
  • Improved event scores (learn from our vets!).
  • Competitive but positive reinforcement culture.

We are an active alliance looking for long term members. Our leader, Kevin ( @KWScott ) is a nice and humble guy who likes to encourage his fellow players. We genuinely care about each other. Our motto is “One team, one fight”. We use a dedicated war strategy so teamwork is highly encouraged.

We have a Discord chat group for our alliance for sharing screenshots, war/titan hits, war strategy, and lots of help and advice in general.

We sincerely look forward to meeting new people!!

Send us a friend request in Discord if you would like to chat with us first:

Discord IDs
(@KWScott): Kevin W. Scott#0807
(@GenieDee): Neano#8402
(@jeneralista): jeneralista#4967


We’re still looking for an active player to join our team!

Come and check us out.

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I’ve been with this alliance for 8 days and I can tell you that this group is conscientious and thorough. They offer massive amounts of information, take it or leave it. Personally I’ve never buzzed through special events so quickly and effortlessly as this past week utilizing posted tables and inter-alliance conversations.

This alliance is not for the lazy; if you want to excel in this game quickly and efficiently, this group may be just the family you’ve been looking for.


Sixth Element was gracious enough to welcome me during my December road trip with my alt. I’m trying to visit lots of alliances, get to know more players, and improve my own game by picking up tips along the way.

This is a very nice alliance. Friendly members, good discord channels and committed players.

I wish them all the best!


We enjoyed having you with us however I do wish that you would’ve stayed a bit longer. Seems like we barely got to know you at all. I hope that perhaps one day you’ll return and stay longer… Until then like a Motel 6 “we’ll leave a light on for ya” :cowboy_hat_face:


Hey there

We’re still looking for 2 dedicated long term players to join our family! We’re hitting 10* and 11* Titans and have an effective War strategy.

We’re active on Discord and have lots of members eager to help!

Please come and check us out!

Discord IDs
( @KWScott ): Kevin W. Scott#0807
( @GenieDee ): Neano#8402
( @jeneralista ): jeneralista#4967

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We are still looking for 2 friendly dedicated players to join our alliance :smiley: .


Hello folks!

We’re still looking for 2 members to join our happy family :smile:

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We are still looking for 2 friendly dedicated players to join our alliance. :smile:

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Gentle bump. We’d love to welcome some new folks into our alliance. Don’t hesitate to ping us on Discord if you have questions!


what titan are you hitting? I am interested but not sure if I am strong enough for you

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We bounce back and forth between 10 & 11 star titans, but the big difference in this group is participation. We have a few “heavy hitters” but overall most of us are “working class”. We all work together!


Breeze, best thing I could tell you is download discord app and come over and check out the group. I’ve only been with them a short time but very impressed with their attitude and communication.


ok, I will do that. thank you

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Gentle nudge…

We’re still looking for 2 players to join us!

Look us up on Discord!

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I would be interested. I’m currently sitting at level 49 and very much addicted to the game. I’m looking for a serious alliance to join and am team friendly. I dont have line app and I’m new to this form. Let me know. Mike


Hi Mike, if you have Discord, please chat to me on Neano#8420.

We use Discord as part of our communication. Look us up on E&P too.

Thank you!

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Thanks…trying to add you as friend on discord and wont connect. Neano#8420??? I’m at gangpar@hotmail.com

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Mike try mine

Discord ID
Kevin W. Scott#0807

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Try Neano#8402 that should work

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