Six Flags 🚩 - fan fiction

The five heroes stood grimly on the high ground, surveying the field before them…the fires of war glinting off blade and breastplate, the hiss of arrows in dense waves overhead, the blood soaked timbers of the bridge.

Behind her, a minotaur snorted and stamped in frustration and Scarlett silenced it with an irritated flick of her hand, without turning.
Gregorian licked his lips pensively and checked the pennants standing in the earth beside them…all six were still there.
“I could take my sharpshooters into the woods on the right flank, just to cover the far river bank, no one would know.”
" No, you know the law." Isarnia fixed him with an icy stare and the air turned a palpable chill between them “we must not advance without our commander. We will stand our ground.”
" Quiet", growled Hu Tao. He pointed his halberd towards the river “look, an Elder is leading his force forward”.
Scarlett peered in the direction that the huge Panda warrior had indicated with her one good eye.
She saw the Elders force charge the bridge into the enemy formation, the yells of the Guild Fanatics mingling with the war cry of the strikers.
At the front, Karil the hot blooded Northman swung his hammer clattering foes left and right. Suddenly he was thrown back by a mighty ramming force and a dread, goat horned figure stepped through the ranks. He gazed down at the stricken warrior, and with a hacking blow of his huge, barbaric sword, took his head. The hideous fighter, eyes like glowing coals, held the bloody trophy aloft and screamed his praises to dark gods as arrows rained down upon the Elder and his formation. Fire leapt from flaming blades, and bolts of lightning blasted gaping holes in the lines, all the while Grimm laid waste to the men and women who crossed his path.

Scarlett looked away.
“That should have been us” said Gregorian, a quiet rage on his breath "but we could have swept the field! That skull-faced beast is no match for us!
“No”, Isarnia asserted again. “You know the law”.
Scarlett gazed once more at the six flags. What a waste, she thought, as their army crumbled around them.


I have some alliance members that should read this before bedtime every night…except is not “Six flags” is “Three or four flags” for them…


Six Flags - I think of as name for amusement parks here in the U.S.

It’s sad that Karil didn’t even get to yell out his fearsome name before being used as Grimm’s trophy.


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