Sit Out due to excessive pricing

Due to the obscene money-grab developing, I’m going to sit out the game. If this results in my removal, so be it.

As the game introduces new aspects, so come new ways to purchase (emblems).

I’m not going to rage-quit, but I will sit out.

Sadly, this may affect my alliance (18 of 30 purchased VD gift) and result in further loss of play.

I’m voting with my wallet for once. You won’t get another dime from me until you properly address player concern.

I have ZERO animosity for a single player, mod, or dev. I’m just fed up with disguising the tax to play this game.

Good luck to everyone. Vote your conscience.

BMF - The Lunar Accord


As an alternative, you could just play for free and continue to help your alliance.


I’m not sure sitting out will hurt anyone but you and your fellow alliance members. Perhaps by not spending one more penny that would have more of an impact on the target of your frustration - SG.


Hopefully you’ve let your alliance know so they have the option to drop you during your sit out.

For me, my alliance are the #1 reason i still play and couldnt contemplate such a selfish act that would hurt them directly and the game itself not at all.


Agreed. I did tell them and they echoed what you just said. No one is going to spend money, but they want to play for each other.

I play with BMF in The Lunar Accord and he is the most selfless player in our Alliance.


We encourage our players to get the VIP because it helps them progress, and thus enjoy the game. It’s a relatively low cost to encourage their play.

However, I can’t with good conscience encourage them to feed the greed machine.

It’s not always about the total balance. It’s about deception at this point. These are real people, with real human interaction and a care to spend their time here. It had a great balance, and now they will know they are just cogs in the greedy gear.

Sure, I’m overreacting, but there needs to be balance.

(fwiw - I’m a capitalist - Right of center, but enough is enough! )


I imagine you mean you’re going ftp while still playing and not stop all activities like not doing titan/war while holding a spot in your alliance. Former is fine. I went that path since end of last year and imagine there are plenty in that position, but the second type is what might annoy some people.

My feeling on vip is less sanguine. It’s like the gateway drug for spending. It’s how they get you in the door and plenty of people (like me) fell/fall/will fall for it.


I get it. I’ve been close to stopping with the spend too in the past, but have thus far only slightly slowed it down. I was only advocating to still try to play and have fun with the game even if you do stop using cash.

Right there with ya! :facepunch:

I don’t think they are “disguising” anything - they are selling emblems in the game’s store. So?

I bet you drive a cheap car to show those nasty Lexus dealers what’s what, right? :slight_smile:

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I’ve appreciated having been given my say. Good on the mods here! The banter is done. I will no longer support this game monetarily. In the end, it’s the only voice I have.

That said, what a well-moderated game. I experienced almost NO drama in-game nor in global chat. I’ve met truly decent people from around the world and I’ve been happy with this particular gaming community as a whole!
Even in disagreement, people have never been offensive.

I’m proud of humanity here. I just won’t give any more money to those who abuse their customers.


No drama from a Cowboys fan, imagine that! :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, I can’t believe I am saying this, but I agree with the Cowboys fan here 100%. Boycotting with my wallet is my voice and I will stop my VIP subscription once it ends. I will still come to bat for my alliance. The way this game is going is analogous to how Snyder is running his football team and it’s not fan-friendly.


lol. Even Cowboys’ fans can be liked? At least I’m not from Philly!

Two things I can never hate about the Cowboys:

Emmitt Smith

I am actually happy that Philly beat the Pats last year. But Philly fans, in my experience, are the worst.

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Philadelphia fans will even boo Santa Claus! :rofl:

Okay, I’m done being off topic!

I can’t believe their way to get out more emblems to people was to make them pay for it. Instead of upping the payouts from chests.

I’m with you on the “voting with my wallet.” Glad to see others are feeling the same way. If we cut their revenue stream they will have to listen to player concerns.

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Paying is optional !!! I got a epic hero token from a titan and it pulled kunchen !!! the Vd gift was a great idea cause not everyone can spend money on games and aliance member’s with a tight or no gaming budget really appreciate it
I myself don’t mind spending a little as i have a monthly gaming budget +/- a few bucks doesn’t matter but leaving your fellow team members not very nice demotion or dismissal worthy ! Who ever they are I wish them all the best !!!

Kunchen without spending a dime
Better yet the gems I bought for wonderland pulled6x 3* and3x 4* most the alliance bought the VD gift so a few more summons Cheshire cat was the best of them !!

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@zephyr1 this post is basically like the one he posted yesterday with a different title.


@Starryeyedgryph Thanks! In the interest of avoiding stifling any voices, I’m erring toward only closing outright duplicate threads, so we avoid an explosion of them. But otherwise I’m inclined to just leave the ones with substantial activity alone.


On another game i used to play huge swathes of the active community took a stand called the Not Another Dime movement.

Forum avatars were changed to dollar signs with a cross through it, alliance names were changed to legal albeit sarcastic swipes at the money grabs and prominent players stopped spending.

That player base was a fraction of this one but it was a way to get voices heard and the message out and it did feel like, for a time, the direction was altered.

I certainly sympathize with the perspective of pay to win creep but also think there are productive ways to get a point across, the last of which would be to impact the alliance (higher on the list is closing the wallet and being constructive on the reasons why). I suppose tldr is pick your battles.

For me, the tipping point would be the direct purchase of certain heroes though that seems a way off. As the game is increasingly monetized certainly not impossible.

Best of luck to your alliance on their stand though.

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