Sir Roostley special chaindamage doesn't reflect with Ursenas special active

As i once again encounter an unusual bug to get my 8th! Cross/loss with the current tournament.
My Ursena fired her special which should prevent holy enemies from doing any sort of damage or cssting ailment using their special skill.
Nonetheless It seems that Sir Roostley on the enemy team fired his special and only the direct hit reflected but not the chained damage. Please fix this or stop manipulating outcomes.

The reflect prevents any hit. The thread below has some more explanations.

See above thread please.

Reopened per OP request, claiming that initial target of Roostly chain reflected damage but then:

  1. it proceeded to chain on to other enemies and
  2. didn’t reflect.

However from my own experience and the video & discussion in the thread linked above; this is not the case.

Can you (OP) offer any video/ photo / additional information?

I cannot provide additional evidence otherwise it would be out there already but i assure you that was the case killing 2 of my 4 remaining heroes which lead to my defeat seconds later…

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