Sir roostley attack reduction

the calculation for roostley’s attack reduction is inconsistent

as seen below, the family boost is 20% (+200)

After firing his special, the -20% attack reduction should be -200 but instead, it was -241 seems to be calculated based on 1200 attack stat. (ok i guess)

now after applying rigard costume attack boost it increases by 480

1000 attack + 200 family bonus + 480 attack boost from rigard

the problem is why rigard attack boost is based on roostley’s base attack of 1000 instead of 1200 while roostley’s attack reduction is based on 1200 instead of 1000 base stat.

it is inconsistent and should have 1 reference (either base stats or stats with family bonus) i recommend the base stats

i assume other attack/defense family bonuses have the same problem but i didn’t check


Could you test Wu Kong buff too in both “Wu Kong buff + family boost” and “Wu Kong buff + family boost + Sir Roostley attack reduction” ?

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I see -41% on the screenshot.

First, I want to say that damage calculation is definitely not my strength. But it looks like cRigard fired before Sir Roostley got the attack debuff. So is it possible that these -41% have resulted from a combination of the family bonus + Rigard’s attack buff?

same problem it seems

wu Kong 1850 + family bonus 200 = 2052
wu Kong’s buff was calculated on the base stat

and the attack drop was calculated based on the new number with wu Kong (he lost approximately 600 attack instead of 200)

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the screenshots were 3 different states

1- roostley with his family bonus +20% attack

2- roostly with his self-20% attack

3- roostley with rigard’s attack buff and the family bonus

his self attack reduction can’t exist with rigard’s attack boost because his attack reduction can’t be cleansed

It look like there is a bugs of any attack reduction (not only Sir Roostley’s attack reduction). I think any “attack reduction” apply after any attack boost and any attack boost from buff and from family are same factor. I am not sure if this work as intent or not. Could you test use Sir Roostley skill before Wu Kong ? I’m not sure if the order of buff/debuff affect or not. And do you have Drake Fong and Tarlak/Miki ?

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the numbers are the same regardless of the firing order

It is Wu Kong stat not Sir Roostley

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nevermind XD
the numbers are the same, regardless of the order

i just checked again and updated my comment
thanks for the heads up

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Do you have Drake Fong and Tarlak/Miki ?

Sadly not. i can’t try it but they should be exactly like wu kong and the family bonus

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hopefully it gets looked at…

@Star150m I think it is better to tag staff or mod than bump the topic.

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