🐰 Sir Roostley – 5* Holy/Yellow from Springvale

I have him with +19… And he’s still very average - he hits hard, but rarely to more than two targets.

I maxed and emblemed him because I like him, but I gotta be realistic and say he’s not a patch on White Rabbit or Norns, both of which have a lot less emblems.


Sir Roosterlys special is lame, when I get the chance to fire off, there is already a break in the line of the 5 Heroes on Defense. Please could you add to his special like. In real life a knight charging a broken line crushes that opponent. So for Sir Roosterly if the line is broken he should do 380% to the target, and then chain for less damage. What do you think OverPowered? It would be fun to see him more in the Meta.

Wished there was a 5* version of Cheshire cat. Reassigning enemy positions would work well with roostley

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Just make his special like frank’s or sumle’s without the blind. Damage increases per dead enemy. At least, the hit 2 only, if chain is broken, will be compensated with a higher damage.

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The new war equalizer is a gamechanger for him. As tank he can keep firing and the attack down he gets will be nullified

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