🐰 Sir Roostley – 5* Holy/Yellow from Springvale

I have him with +19… And he’s still very average - he hits hard, but rarely to more than two targets.

I maxed and emblemed him because I like him, but I gotta be realistic and say he’s not a patch on White Rabbit or Norns, both of which have a lot less emblems.


Sir Roosterlys special is lame, when I get the chance to fire off, there is already a break in the line of the 5 Heroes on Defense. Please could you add to his special like. In real life a knight charging a broken line crushes that opponent. So for Sir Roosterly if the line is broken he should do 380% to the target, and then chain for less damage. What do you think OverPowered? It would be fun to see him more in the Meta.

Wished there was a 5* version of Cheshire cat. Reassigning enemy positions would work well with roostley

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Just make his special like frank’s or sumle’s without the blind. Damage increases per dead enemy. At least, the hit 2 only, if chain is broken, will be compensated with a higher damage.

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The new war equalizer is a gamechanger for him. As tank he can keep firing and the attack down he gets will be nullified

He is currently my favorite Hero and I want him soooooo much.
I have the mats and the emblems for him and he could be my new tank.
Wish me luck for tomorrow :chicken: :dagger:


i like him as well for defense, though much rather see him as a flank. Especially, if you want to go attack path.

Yeah, I only believe that I have to make a sacrifice first to propitiate the gods. Maybe a frozen chicken at midnight in the cemetery under an old elm tree.

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Wait…springvale is tomorrow?

It starts during march 29th, yup.

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Easter and Christmas always come as a surprise :innocent:

Look who I just got with one token that I had saved :grin:


Congrats! But shouldn’t that be Senhor Roostley though? :smiley:


I don’t know why, but here “they” don’t translate everything

No. The Title of “Sir” is a British Chivalric title as given to a Male (Women get Dame or Lady) by the ruling Monarch. Let’s ignore that it come from the old French word “Sieur” for now.

So he should stay Sir Roostly in any language as that is his official Title. Like a military rank it transcends the very basic “Mr, Miss, Mrs & Ms”.

I.e if Sir Roostly was working in a foreign country, possibly an Embassy in say Atlantis or Valhalla then his mail should always come with “Sir Roostly” written in English. They could follow with the rest in Greek or Norse if wanted but they would be politely reminded that the Sir should stay as given.

Is my view. Though I guess if Poseidon wrote it in the Greek equivalent they would need to tread that diplomatic faux pas carefully I would imagine. But even gods need to respect the Chivalric system :joy:


Had 16 hero tokens and pulled Roost. Had 18 darts and just gave 6 to Bae Young. Have a boatload of emblems for sir roostley so down the road I’ll be excited to add him to my weak yellow attack team

Besides defense don’t know where else is he good for.

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I think he is a perfect fit for Gazelle on offense.

Assuming if I have Gazelle which I don’t :sweat:

Im just thinking who should i use him with (as i have Gazelle). I have faced him a few times on defense and he can hit really hard so i guess with an attack boost he is capable of some serious damage. Not Killhare levels but still good.

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