🐰 Sir Roostley – 5* Holy/Yellow from Springvale

Flank is his best positions. Hits like a tank with 12+ emblems


  • There are already heroes that do significant AE damage, like Guardian Kong, 280% is good but not crazy.
  • He doesn’t do any secondary effects
  • He has the disability of giving himself an attack debuff for 3 turns, which is a long time considering his strength is his tile damage!

I think with all of his other limitations and lack of a secondary ability, his attack shouldn’t be a chain, his attack should be regular AE. There are already too many limitations on this hero for only slightly more damage.

Also, for being a premier hero, his zoom portrait is really lacking, it’s does even move. I think it’s the the worst new portrait I’ve seen (the new ones are really nice these days!).

Also, his special animation is a bit underwhelming and not particularly funny or inspiring.

Roostley could certainly use a buff in many ways. He needs work.

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Rooster alone isn’t a big threat but look at Jackman in top100, cause he has Rooster, Hare and Lepus highly emblemed. 780-890 base attack +20% family bonus +26% with mana troops +20% invisible attack buff when on defence.
That is 1400-1600 attack stat xD

I didn’t say he was unusable, I said the chain was an unneeded limitation. If you read the posts, the chain isn’t affected as much when he’s on defense, therefore it’s not a limitation and he’s useful!

The family bonus is not invisible, it gets overwritten by other attack buffs as well as Roostleys attack debuff.

To beat that team, all you need to do is get Zeline (or any attack debuff hero) off and they lose their family bonus and lose their best (and only) ability, their damage. And then they are done.

I ran into emblemed SR tank with a blue flank yesterday with a team with Seshat+11, 2 Rigards with costumes+19 and +7, Skittle with costume+19, and Lianna+3.

When I got hit by him, it was really hurting. If my Rigards had not been charged right after, I could’ve lost.

Hoping for Rana at the end of the month and I am wondering what you think of her in comparison to Sir Roosterly, DF and Norns. :thinking: I have both DF and Norns; only DF is emblemed +2, Norns 1/1… dont have SR yet.

Thanks for any help you can give. :blush::hugs:


Rana is great in offense, although not really appreciated by many players. Mine is currently at +11 on attack path and she does reasonable damage, the DOT is relevant and the healing block is really usefully if the opponents healer is not dead in time to safe the damage progress. She needs some timing, healing block for three turns would be better of course. The self cleanse is small addition… I have roostley and Norns Not leveled yet and do not plan to do so at the moment as my yellow queue is rather long. But no regrets on rana… for defense, she is probably not the best…

one more poison dart and i think i will ascend roostley. with emblems as i don t have many options there.

i think hes true position is flank, saw the same thing in the hero positioning guide. if he goes off it will hurt a lot, going with a strong troop and an attacking path he could do serious damage ( 870+ attack with 16-17 emblems ).

can be used also for tiles vs titan and offence. any other opinions on him?

I would do Norns before Roostley.
Rana? I’m really not sure.

Roostley kinda pretends to be an AoE hero, but he’s only really that when in defence… Great stats, but too variable for my tastes.

Norns has some really interesting tactical implications - I enjoy that sort of thing, but the stats on the card are also very strong.
DF has a more universally useful secondary effect.

Rana is a hero I’ve always wanted… Compared with Norns her stats aren’t anything special, but her special is nifty.


the family bonus is not overwritten by his attack debuff just offset ±


If Boldtusk buffs Roostley, the family bonus is still there but you just get an additional +30% attack. You don’t get the full +50% attack.

If Richard puts an attack debuff on Roostley or he debuffs himself, no only do you lose the family attack bonus, but you’re also hit with the debuff. It’s a double whammy and THIS is what I was referring to. Family bonus comes back after debuff is gone of course.

Both of your statements are factually not true.

  1. Additional Buffs + Family Bonus
    Additional Buffs of the same Buff type stack additively (e. g. 20% Family Bonus + 48% Boldtusk = 68%)

  2. Enemy Debuffs + Family Bonus
    Debuffs do not make you lose the family bonus, it is present and in effect fully and offsets the debuff.

This means for example. If you have 3 easter heros (20% Attack Buff), will negate Roostleys attack debuff (-20%) from his special.


Hi. @BubblesUK

This is relevant to my situation. I’m recruiting for my holy attack team, 4 x strong.

The only permanent members are C.Joon +20 and Poseidon +19.

When I attack I fill the other 2 positions with Woolerton, Jackal+20, Inari, Leo or Neith depending on my mood and the one extra colour.

So on the waiting list (@3/70) are Malosi (not really interested), Sif(I don’t really like attacking with riposte), Norns and Roostley. I also have Bai, second Joon etc.

Spot #3 will undoubtedly go to a healer. Dying for a C.Viv, no luck yet.

So in this scenario, 2 snipers plus ?? in a 4-1 team, who’d be the ideal support??

Was tending towards Roostley, hence posting in this thread.

I maxed Roostley because he’s cool, but he’s a real mixed bag…

Malosi is incredibly useful, you might not want him for every fight but when you do, you’ll be really glad you’ve got him.

Norns is much more useful than Roostley - both have huge stats, both do about the same damage since her buff…
Norns secondary effect is really useful, whilst Roostley will very occasionally hit more than 2-3 targets (but at average you just can’t rely on that!).

Roostley pretends to be a hit-all AoE but he almost never is - I’m not quite sure why, when his damage is lower than Killhare even when he does hit everything, but there you go.


If you want a multi-target damage dealer then do Norns over Roostley - you won’t regret it.

If you want the coolest chicken in the coop, do Roostley, just don’t kid yourself that he’s going to be amazing or you’ll be disappointed.


Rooster is kind cool with +20 emblems. Has huge tile attack and at flank will hit enemies many times as a defender. When he hits he hits hard which cand help at ninja and other events. He does not miss there.

I m pleased with him. Not sure without talents though

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Hmmm, thanks for this @BubblesUK . Quite inciteful.

It did occur to me that this might happen: Average tiles. My snipers charge first. Now do I take out an opponent or do I wait for Roostley’s charge? It’d be safer to kill someone…

Average heroes come into their own once you’re ghosting…

Norns would give me a wider target too, given that most teams I attack are rainbow…

So talking myself into Norns, I might just take your advice :smiley:

edit… Oh Gawd, no! Norns is a sorcerer??? Dagnabbit, she’s in a long queue then…:roll_eyes: Behind Locke and Rumpel…

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Good point about the emblems. It would be a long time before my Roostley gets talents.

He would be competing with the Queen o’ Hearts who I love and one day I’ll take Clarissa (+19) to the top.

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With high stats, though…

I have my Locke at 15 and Norns at 4 or 5.

Locke obviously needs assistance with durability (and gains a lot in DoT) but Norns doesn’t need as much help.

In terms of assistance in attacking teams, I’m not finding her to be struggling at that level - her damage is good rather than groundbreaking, but her support role can be really useful as well.

If you’re not embleming either of them any time soon, Norns is going to add more to your stack.

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Awesome. I have 9 darts anyway. Burning a hole in my pocket.

6 are kind of “reserved” for that elusive 5* holy healer or other.

But, as mentioned, my yellow team wants to be 4 strong and currently is only 2 strong. Pathetic. Wish they’d buff Inari. Leo costume might be ok… Or a Drake might swoop in from the side… Or I run out of patience and advance Malosi… I dunno.

Either way 3 more darts might not be that hard to get…

edit: what a dumb post, sorry. Just conversation really

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Sounds good :slight_smile:

And no worries, conversation is good :slight_smile:

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