Sini – 5* Ice / Blue - July 2024 HOTM (Hero of the Month)


I just hope newbies read posts about heroes…but even then, they wouldn’t know who to trust. It took me 6 months to even find the forum.

Well I always think,the ones that are really interested in getting the most out of their stuff, will eventually stumble across discord/line/whatnot groups or find this forum.
The ones that don´t, probably are often people that generally don´t care that much about the game anyway and in that case, it really doesn´t matter which heroes they max or delete. They just play around with whatever they got and will never know how much better they could do if they did things right :smiley: They either have fun anyway and keep playing or they don´t and leave the game again soon.


Very good points, Gargon. You are absolutely right. I guess everyone has to find out what matters for themselves. I drop my pity.

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I have scopes coming out my ears (a painful condition) so I may level her to replace Jott. At slow, I often find he just sucks down mana potions, and a small drop in tile damage is worth the increased speed.

But, I wish her passives were geared more towards titans. Had then been, I’d have been much more excited when she dropped. Instead, she’ll probably sit until I run out of blue heroes to level.

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Too much blue competion especially with wizard emblems, so i see her a 3/70 at best tocplay around with in the legends quest.

I’d max a dupe 2x costume Sonya or Grimm over her but that’s just me.

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I suppose the extra damage against fire helps with the titan fight but reducing the tile buff/debuff feels spiteful since it is the main attraction for most of us.

Jott will continue dong his thing in the blue team. It would have been a tough decision to spend the mats on her or continue with Jott, it no longer is.

This also breaks the pattern of what the tile buffer/debuffers do. All 4* and 5* had the same % influence on tiles until now.

What a bunch of nitwits (you can choose a stronger word than “nitwits” if you like).

Just got her from a free Astral pull along side jahangir.
I will keep her but wont level her, I have Jott already

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I hope you seek medical attention for your condition. Get well soon!:grinning:

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Here is her full image