Singles Day Sale culture issue

Why do you have a kitsune represent your Singles Day sale?

Kitsune are Japanese lore.

Singles Day is a Chinese holiday.

Are you saying that Japanese and Chinese are the same thing?

Do I have to post that clip from South Park concerning “Little Tokyo”?

Note: this is not the first cultural error I have spotted in this game. This is simply the first one that reminded me of a good laugh I had back when I watched a certain episode of South Park.

Watch the episode City Sushi to see what I mean. :laughing:


It turns into Chinese, when you but them all.


This is a match 3, gacha gambling game, not the Brittanica or Ethnology course, FFS. Relax People.


It’s difficult in a global game isn’t it.

11/11 is Remembrance Day in the U.K. and Veteran’s Day in the U.S. So this struck me as very odd from my U.K. perspective.

I had never heard of Singles Day in China, so have learned something today.

Let’s all just try and be kind and tolerant :heart:


I’m not a expert in asian folklore but I think that the nine tailed fox spirit is a common mythological creature in japanese culture (Kitsune or the goddess Inari) and in chinese and korean cultures (huli jing in China and kumiho in Corea).


As a US resident, I had the same surprised reaction. 11/11 was the end of a World War, so I assumed that was the biggest thing going on today. But like you, I learned something today, so let’s call that a win.


I was surprised myself, as I only knew it as Veterans Day until today when the game called it Singles Day.

So I did a little snooping around and turns out that it started off as Bachelor’s Day in China, and later renamed as Singles Day.

The further puzzlement came from the fact that they were using a Japanese mythological creature for a Chinese holiday.

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Even so, the deal is really really good in my opinion.

But….it’s just vip for me

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